50th Anniversary

I would like to thank the many people who made the College of Sciences contribution to UCF’s 50th anniversary celebration a great success. We decided to celebrate by trying to give back to the community in several ways, as well as trying to have some fun. This included a fantastic effort to support Knight’s Pantry – we raised over two tons of food and supplies for students in need. This, and the other COS activities, were the result of many people’s efforts. I hope you will read about their successes here, and join me in thanking everyone who helped make this happen.

-Dean Johnson

Our Events and Philantropy

COS Goes Green

Oyster MatsIn honor of the 50th anniversary the College of Sciences decided to focus on events that would give back to the community. One of the first events to begin the celebration was the College of Sciences’ Fifth Annual Open House at the Nicholson School of Communication on Saturday, September 15.

In an effort to improve the environment, the college made the tradition a green event. Guests and volunteers had the opportunity to plant mangrove plants and build oyster mats that aided in the recreation of the reefs at Canaveral National Seashore’s Mosquito Lagoon. Dr. Linda Walters from the UCF Biology program led the green efforts and volunteers were given free green bandanas to wear to the UCF football game later in the day. In total, 940 plants were potted and 105 oOpen House 3_editedyster mats were completed at the Open House.

Guests also had the opportunity to go on a Communication Ride, which stopped at various stations set up to explain the dynamic departments within NSC including the Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, and Radio and Television programs.

COS Cares A Ton

From October through the month of May, the College of Sciences had an on-going collaboration with the Knights Helping Knights Pantry. The Dean’s Office provided boxes for each department within the college to decorate and place in their offices so students and staff could bring in donations at any time. A friendly competition between the departments to see who could bring in the most donations started and the COS Cares a Ton campaign was born.

The college goal was 4,000 lbs. of donated items.  By the end of May the college had collected 6,613 lbs. equating to over 3 ¼ tons.  The top four departments who contributed to the total donation wereCollege-of-Sciences-Deans-Office_edited Sociology, the Nicholson School of Communication (NSC), Physics and the College of Sciences Dean’s Office-COSAS.

  1. Sociology- 3,455 lbs.
  2. NSC- 1,485 lbs.
  3. Physics- 761 lbs.
  4. COS Dean’s Office-COSAS- 510 lbs.


Science Cafe

Dr. Walters_edited

The Science Cafes were hosted on the first Wednesday of every month at Taste Restaurant in College Park. They showcased some of the college’s Pegasus Professors and discussed Science Beyond UCF with the Central Florida community. Biology, Sociology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Anthropology were among the subject areas discussed. Those who were in attendance enjoyed a variety of topics such as Dr. Linda Walters’ presentation on Marine Ecosystems in Peril to Drs. Arlen and Diane Chase’s discussion, After the Maya Apocalypse: Caracol, Archaelogy, and Time.


Redesign our Gonfalon

The UCF gonfalons are hung during the commencement ceremony to represent each college. The College of Sciences decided it was time for a change, and thought the 50th anniversary would be a great opportunity to have a competition for a newly designed gonfalon. After 28 submissions, three finalists were selected by a 10 person committee consisting of students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  The winning design was by Ms. Marieliz Cecillo, a major in the College of Arts and Humanities Emerging Media BFA program.

College of Sciences Celebration Week: Presentation, Reunion, and Basketball!

UCF Women's BasketballThe official College of Sciences celebration week was February 4-8. During that week the college held an event each night in honor of the 50th celebration including a presentation from Professor of Chemistry, Robert H. Grubbs, a science cafe featuring Dr. Eduardo Salas of Psychology and the NSC Faculty and Alumni reunion. The culminating event was the College of Sciences’ sponsored UCF women’s basketball game against Marshall. The event was held on February 7 and all College of Sciences’ students, alumni, family and friends were invited to cheer on the team, as our Knights defeated the Thundering Herd 67-52.