Graduate Students

The Aquatic Biogeochemistry Lab is seeking a Ph.D. student to being fall of 2018 who is interested in studying the interactive effects of human development and sea level rise on carbon biogeochemistry in coastal wetlands.  The ideal student would already hold a M.S. degree in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, or a related field by fall 2018, have experience working in wetlands and/or coastal ecosystems, and strong analytic laboratory skills.

Applicants with research experience, competitive GPAs and GRE scores, and the ability to articulate their research interests and goals will be viewed most favorably.  Minimum requirements for admissions into the Biology Department can be found here: To be chosen for a position in the ABL, you must be one of the top applicants, as indicated by your past academic performance and research experience, your ability to express your future goals and research interests, and how well these fit within the scope of work the ABL is presently doing.

Prospective graduate students should email me at:  Include in your email, 1) why you are interested in joining my lab (i.e., how your research interests or experiences fit with what we are currently studying), 2) what topics or questions you hope to research during your graduate education, and 3) an attachment that includes a current copy of your CV/resume indicating your GPA and GRE scores, if available.  I further encourage you to read some of our publications prior to contacting me.

Additional information about the UCF Biology Graduate Program, the application process, and the requirements is available at: