Lisa G. Chambers

Dr. Lisa G. Chambers

Principle Investigator
Ph.D., Soil and Water Science, University of Florida
M.S., Oceanography and Coastal Science, Louisiana State University
B.S., Natural Resources, Ohio State University

Research interests: Biogeochemical cycling of elements (mainly N, P, and C) in wetlands, riparian areas, and coastal ecosystems; understanding the link between soil microbial ecology and ecosystem function; accessing the impacts of disturbance (sea level rise, urbanization, eutrophication, restoration) on biogeochemical ecosystem functions and services.

Nia Hurst

Lab Manager and Research Assistant
M.S., Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University
B.S., Environmental Science, DePaul University





Dr. Joshua Breithaupt

Postdoctoral Scholar
Ph.D., Marine Science, University of South Florida
M.S., Environmental Science, University of South Florida
B.A., English, Wheaton College

Research interests: Coastal wetlands: sedimentation rates, biogeochemical cycling, impacts of sea-level rise


HavalHavalendend Steinmuller

Ph.D. Candidate, Conservation Biology
M.S., Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University
B.S., Coastal Environmental Science, Louisiana State University

Dissertation Topic: Understanding the effects of sea level rise and coastal vegetation shifts on coastal wetland biogeochemistry



Janet Ho

M.S. Student, Biology
B.S., Biology, University of Central Florida

Thesis Topic: Willow (Salix Caroliniana) Encroachment in Freshwater Marshes: Effects on Nutrient Dynamics and Decomposition




Bryan Locher

M.S. Student, Biology
B.S., Chemistry and Ecosystem Science & Policy, University of Miami

Research interests: Effects of oyster reef and living shoreline restoration in biogeochemical processes




Sarah Harttung

M.S. Student, Biology
B.S., Michigan Technical University

Research Interests: Carbon cycling and biogeochemistry in coastal wetlands; relating biogeochemical processes to remote sensing data




Kevin McCarthy

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Biology major

Research Interests: Bioremediation





Tasnim Mellouli

Undergraduate Research Assistant/ EXCEL/COMPASS student
Biology major

Independent Research Project: Wrack deposition on living shoreline restoration sites: a nutrient source?



Paul Boudreau

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Biology major

Research Interests:





Lab Alumni

Kyle Dittmer

B.S., Environmental Science, University of Central Florida

Now at: University of Vermont pursuing an M.S. in Natural Resources