Student Assistants

The UCFC offers opportunities to motivated UCF students with an interest in entomology and natural history. These students work in the collection carrying out various duties including curation and identification of arthropod specimens, data entry, pest management, and field work.

bonnie_2Bonnie Allison is a freshman biology student who recently became involved with the bug closet. She comes in every week to learn about different insects under a microscope. In the future, she hopes to narrow down what she studies and learn new skills.





Louis Dennin is an economics major who took up working at the Bug Closet as a freshman in 2015, just because he finds insects to have a unique “artistic” quality to them. He really enjoys working in the field on collection outings, and in the lab he mainly works on his favorite group of insects: Neuropterida.



kathyKathiana “Kathy” Desir is a psychology student minoring in Italian who started working at the Bug Closet fall 2015. She originally was interested in ants, but discovered Orthoptera, and has been fascinated with them ever since. Outside of identifying orthopterans, Kathy spends much of her time doing the essential work of databasing specimens.



Shiala Morales is a biology student also studying statistics who has being working in the Bug Closet since fall of 2015. She makes pinning and pointing an art. Shiala especially enjoys curating anything (no matter how small) that has hyaline wings such as hymenopterans and dipterans. During her lunch breaks, she can be spotted in arboretum chasing after members of Apoidea and Chrysididae.


ryanRyan Daley Ridenbaugh is a senior biology student who has been working in the Bug Closet since the spring of 2015. He focuses on Carabidae, the ground beetles. Ryan is involved in undergraduate research and is currently studying prescribed burns and carabids.




Brian Silverman-Malabar Scub Sanctuary_8-15-2013Brian Silverman is an environmental studies student that has been working in the Bug Closet for quite a long time. He has worked to identify and curate the Hemiptera portion of the collection. Brian also is an expert at operating the Bug Closet’s photo unit for specimen photography.