My lab is interested in all aspects of evolutionary ecology, including ecological immunity, insect vector dynamics, sexual selection / conflict, evolutionary genetics, animal behavior, and life history evolution. These interests have led us to address a diverse range of questions that utilize a variety of organismal systems, including the cricket, fruit flies, mosquitoes and psyllids. Some of the current topics we are researching in my lab are (1) the role of the thermal environment in shaping innate immunity, (2) the role of the Y-chromosome in constraining evolutionary rates, (3) the role of anthropogenic and natural variables on disease transmission rates, (4) maternally and paternally induced transgenerational effects on offspring immunity, and (5) the antagonistic coevolution of reproductive and immune systems. Please contact me for more information regrading these research endeavors.

Research Foci: behavior, sexual selection / conflict, ecological immunity, evolutionary genetics and life history evolution

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