BSC2011 – Introduction to Biology II (4 cr) – This is the second course in the BSC2010 – 2011 sequence. Where BSC2010 focuses on the evolution of cellular life (including chemistry and genetics), BSC2011 provides a broad spectrum view of multicellular evolution. BSC2011 is divided into four main sections that focus on (1) the evolutionary mechanisms that create biodiversity, (2) an overview of biodiversity, including animals, plants, fungi and protists (3) the general physiology of life and (4) ecology

PCB6675C – Evolution (4 cr) -The goal of this graduate course is to provide students with a competent understanding of evolutionary theory. It will cover a diverse range of topics including the history of evolutionary thought, the fossil record, phylogenetics, population genetics, quantitative genetics, life history evolution, the evolution of sex, behavior and speciation.

ENY4004 / 5006 – Entomolology (4 cr) – The objective of this advanced undergraduate / graduate level course is to provide students with a firm understanding of insect evolution and biodiversity. The lectures will focus on insect behavior, ecology and physiology. The labs will focus on insect morphology and taxonomy.

BSC6938 – Mating Systems Evolution (1 cr) – This graduate level course discusses the modern theories and hypotheses surrounding sexual selection and the evolution of mating strategies.

PCB4932/5937 – Disease Ecology & Eco-immunology (3cr) – The objective of this advanced undergraduate / graduate level course is to examine how hosts, parasites and environment interact to shape organisms, populations and communities.

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