• HannahHannah Bevan modeled the potential global range of the Nile monitor and its potential food web effects for her MS (recently defended!). Hannah starts her PhD work now, aiming to work on urban/road ecology. Click here for her CV and here for art.



  • Jason Jason Schroeder (PhD student) is working on beta diversity: how robust is it to error, how does it respond to community assembly “filters”, and how well does it reflect community structure and habitat quality at multiple spatial scales? He’s running simulations, doing a big lab experiment, and analyzing a beau-coup of field data.


  • Nathaniel Smith is helping with an ongoing project related to roadkill across the Florida peninsula, and is exploring macroecological analyses of those data
  • Priscilla Phan is helping with data and analyses of ranked species occupancy, and will soon start helping with the roadkill data, too.


Shireen Alemadi, MS, 2006 Debra Rinne, MS, 2006 Alaina Bernard, MS, 2007 Bonnie Berry, MS, 2008
Camille Collins, MS, 2010 Lisa McCauley, PhD, 2011 Kim Medley, PhD, 2012 Sandor Kelly, MS, 2012
Caitlyn Debevec, MS, 2015



Dave JenkinsDave Jenkins. Here’s his CV, or see Google Scholar, or Research Gate, or ORCID.  Erdös number = 4.

Note to Prospective Graduate Students



stoutJack Stout. Click here to see a brief description of Jack‘s research. Or here for a sample of papers in Google Scholar.