Join the lab?

Graduate students:   Please see full departmental requirements and details at:

I will consider graduate students (MS or PhD) interested in ecology, conservation science, entomology, and natural history.  Students interested in working with insects, particularly social insects, will benefit from my expertise on those subjects, but I will consider students interested in working with any organism or ecosystem.  Generally, I am more comfortable advising students with an empirical focus, although I will consider students with a theoretical focus if their intent is to test theories empirically.

My expectations are simple.  I expect my graduate students to be independent, goal-oriented, and hard-working.  In return I provide the resources, training, time, support, advice, and collegiality necessary for your success.

Undergraduate students: Undergraduate students are always welcome in the lab and can participate at a number of levels (from basic field and laboratory work to independent honors projects)  for credit or pay.  See for full details of the University program options.  Skill development in insect identification, insect culturing, ecological study design and execution, a wide variety of field and laboratory techniques, and data analysis and write-up are all possible.  Email me ( if you are interested or have questions.