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Changing Seas, “Sea Turtles: The Lost Years”. PBS series Changing Seas episode based on my oceanic research (aired June 17, 2016). Run time: 26:43 with cc (rating: NR). Winner of Best in Marine Science Category at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival, St. Petersburg, FL (November 2016).


Hurricane Irma

The New York Times (October 2017)

The Washington Post (October 2017)


Coverage of our work on the Indian River Lagoon

90.7 WMFE (local NPR station; aired June 2017)


Our research on the sea turtle “Lost Years”

2015: Direct evidence of swimming demonstrates active dispersal in the sea turtle “lost years”


Nature World News

AAAS Science

October 2014:

Orlando Sentinel

September 2014:

Scientific American (online)

July 2014:

Mother Nature Network

May 2014: 

Sea Turtles’ “Lost Years” Transatlantic Journey Mapped for First Time

Scientific American Magazine

Tracking turtles’ “lost years” in the ocean

Winter Park/Maitland Observer


March 2014: First satellite tracks of neonate sea turtles redefine the “lost years” oceanic niche

PRI’s Science Friday

BBC News Science & Environment

National Geographic

Smithsonian Magazine

Discovery News

Nature World News

Science Now

The Weather Channel

CBC’s Quirks and Quarks

Voice of America

Glamour Magazine

New York Magazine, The Cut

Nails Magazine


The infamous two-headed hatchling (August 2017):

Florida Today

USA Today

Atlas Obscura

Miami Herald

National Geographic

Inside Edition

Daily Mail

Palm Beach Post News

WWSB My Suncoast

Reptiles Magazine

NBC K5 News

ABC WFTV Channel 9

CBS WFMY News Channel 2

Brevard Times


Other lab-related stories and media

Our partnership with the USFWS; WQCS (NPR for the Treasure Coast, aired December 2016)

Green turtles and the Carr Refuge; The New York Times (September 2015)

PBS News Hour (The Rundown, September 2015)

 For 20 years leatherbacks nest at the Archie Carr NWR; Florida Today