The Turtle Journal Project

We are excited to announce the #TurtleJournalProject. Twelve field journals will be migrating around the world. Each one is unique. Researchers and sea turtle biologists from around the globe will contribute their thoughts, pictures, and messages. The first journals will be released at the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting on Jeckyll Island, Georgia next week! At the end of their 2-year migration, we will collect and compile the journals into an electronic book to share with participants. Follow this project on Facebook and Twitter!

Turtle Journals

UCF’s MTRG to be global project lead on ICARUS sea turtle ontogeny project

Big news! Dr. Kate Mansfield will be leading the global sea turtle ontogeny project for the ICARUS Initiative.

The mission of the ICARUS Initiative is to establish a global remote sensing platform that will allow scientists to track small organisms using newly-developed and miniaturized GPS satellite tags. This new, low-orbit tracking system will first be tested experimentally using receivers deployed on the International Space Station starting in 2016. The UCF MTRG will be beta-testing these small GPS tags on wild-caught sea turtles starting in ~2016.

Lower-orbiting receivers will enable observations and experiments over large spatial scales on organisms that have historically been too small to remotely observe due to size/weight limitations of available technologies (shorter transmission distances = smaller batteries and tags). Super-exciting!


MTRG intern wins runner-up Best Biology Poster at the International Sea Turtle Symposium!

A huge congratulations to Celine Mollet-Saint Beniot, UCF undergrad and MTRG intern who won runner-up Archie Carr Student Award for Best Biology Poster at the International Sea Turtle Symposium in New Orleans last week! She was competing against ~50 other student posters, the majority of which were presented by graduate students. We are very proud of Celine!