Founded in the late 1970’s, the UCF Marine Turtle Research Group (MTRG) focuses on research, education, and scientific advisory service related to sea turtle ecology, biology, and conservation. At any given time, the MTRG is comprised of up to six graduate students, 12 undergraduate interns or research assistants, 5-8 part time employees, and countless volunteers.

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KATE MANSFIELD, Ph.D.:  Assistant Professor and MTRG lab director


Erin Seney

ERIN SENEY, Ph.D.: Assistant Research Scientist




CHRIS LONG: Ph.D. student

Dissertation research: Ontogeny, ecology, and behavior of newly recruited coastal juvenile green turtles.


RYAN CHABOT: M.S. student

Thesis research: using stable isotope analysis to assess the contribution of foraging grounds to the ACNWR nesting female green turtle population, and variations in reproductive success based on foraging location.



GUSTAVO STAHELIN: Ph.D. student; supported by CAPES and Brazil’s Science without Borders program



KATRINA PHILLIPS: Ph.D. student; recipient of the UCF Boyd Lyon Fellowship and NSF Graduate Research Fellowship



RYAN WELSH: Fall 2014 M.S. student.


ALEX SACCO: Ph.D. Student; recipient of the UCF Boyd Lyon Fellowship; Dissertation research: Describing seascape habitat across multiple life stages of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico; Indigenous knowledge of sea turtles in Northern Australia

JAKE KELLEY: M.S. Student; Thesis research: Disease ecology of fibropapillomatosis (FP) in sea turtles




BILL REDFOOT: MTRG M.S. graduate and Research Associate


DAB and transmitter turtle 2013








DEAN BAGLEY: MTRG M.S. graduate and Research Associate



JLO (aka JENNIFER SOLIS): Beach Project Manager and Brevard County Contracts Coordinator



JENNIFER ELLIOTT: MTRG M.S. Graduate; County and Refuge Project Assistant


Trident 2

KORI JOHNSEN: UCF student; County Project Assistant



LLEWELLYN “DOC” EHRHART, Ph.D.: Professor Emeritus (retired) and MTRG founder


2016 ASSISTANT FIELD RESEARCHERS:  Renee Grimley, Jason Hendershot, Abby Hudak, Kelsie Johnson, Kali Mills, Rachel Santulli, and Becky Smith

2016 INTERNS: Libby Abney, Kayla Burandt, Dolores Cline, Lesley Cohen, Bri Kimmel, Andrea Krebs, Sanabel Mahmoud, Jaclyn Pickett, Mackenzie Tackett, and Kelly Tate



JANET HOCHELLA: Long-term project volunteer

JIM STEVENSON: Long-term project volunteer