Join the Lab!

The Parkinson Lab has many educational opportunities for students, currently there are Ph.D., MS, undergraduate and highschool students conducting research in the lab. Generally there are several graduate and undergraduate students carrying-out research, plus a workstudy student that helps maintain the laboratories organization and keeps consumables stocked for researchers. Generally workstudy students elevate into research projects later in their tenure in the laboratory. Currently, Dr. Parkinson is a board member for RAMP (Research and Mentoring Program), which is a University wide program helping under-represented groups conduct undergraduate research and prepare for graduate school. Currently two students are funded via the RAMP program working in the Parkinson lab.


Dr. Parkinson is always looking for qualified graduate students interested in areas of molecular evolution and systematics. The Department of Biology has a Ph.D. program in Conservation Biology, however, Dr. Parkinson is also a member of the graduate faculty in Biomolecular Sciences which has an interdisiplicary Ph.D. program as well. If you are interested in working in the Parkinson Lab, please contact me ASAP.