pascencioPedro Francisco Quintana-Ascencio

My main academic interest is the understanding of the ecological role of humans in nature. In the last decades, my work has centered in the interactive role of changes in disturbance and spatial structure on plant community and population dynamics. To reach this goal, I collect and analyze long-term data, combined with short-term studies, field experiments and modeling.

Haoyu Li

Biology M.S.

Starting Fall 2016

federicoFederico López Borghesi
Conservation Biology Ph.D.

Starting Fall 2016

jhJessica Hearns
Biology M.S.

Modeling reintroductions of organisms with complex life histories – I am using mathematical modeling to evaluate scenarios of reintroductions that provide insight to questions of population establishment and persistence. Complex life cycles with varying transition periods cannot be modeled effectively by a single framework alone; instead, I am combinig continuous and discrete systems to form a semi-discrete dynamical system, to better capture life histories and predict reintroduction success more accurately.

SONY DSCLina Maria Sanchez Clavijo, PhD
Graduated November 2016

Habitat selection in transformed landscapes and the role of novel ecosystems for native species persistence.

sp-jpgSteffan Pierre M.S.
Graduated November 2015

Does the Journey matter more that the Destination? Apple Snail Invasion of a South Florida Ranchland.

mrtMatthew R. Tye M.S.
Graduated May 2014

Synergistic effects of biotic interactions and disturbance on plant persistence.

nov_dec07-030Elizabeth Stephens Ph.D.
Graduated February 2013

Population dynamics and environmental drivers of scrub herbs in native and degraded Florida rosemary scrub.

Graduated March 2010

Species composition and spatiotemporal pattern of seed bank and vegetation in native and degraded Florida Rosemary Scrub.

3bElizabeth H. Boughton Ph.D.
Graduated May 2009

Understanding Plant Community Composition in Agricultural Wetlands:
Context Dependent Effects and Plant Interactions.

4aKristina Horn M.S.
Graduated October 2007

Does habitat affect clonal demography? An experiment with Polygonella myriophylla in roadside and Florida scrub.