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The University of Central Florida is known for having quality education with efficient, timely, and high quality support services and advising offices. This is possible thanks to the numerous departments, units, and schools within each college and the talented faculty and staff that serve on the front lines in assisting our student population.


COSAS offers a wide range of support services for units, schools and departments serving in these capacities. From orientation to graduation, we work closely with our sister offices within the College of Sciences to ensure everyone has the information they need to ensure the facilitation of learning at UCF. To assist this, we have provided some general information for the 2014 calendar year below, along with a downloads section for common forms and files submitted through our offices. We also provide some of the more recent training materials from our workshops and presentations for your internal use.


As always, should you have any questions please give our offices a call at 407-823-6131 or email


When do students apply for graduation?

Students are to apply for graduation the term before they plan to meet all requirements and graduate.  Students must NOT be transient in their graduation term, they MUST be registered in UCF coursework during their graduation term (some students may be eligible for IDS4999 and should be directed to COSAS if they don’t have any more requirements to complete) and they must file an Online Intent to Graduate application through myUCF by the posted deadline for that semester.



How do students apply for graduation?

Candidates must submit their application for graduation through myUCF in the Student Center section. To access this section, students are to login to myUCF, select Student Self ServiceStudent Center, and then select Intent to Graduate: Apply in the drop down box under  Other Academics.


What happens after the student applies?

Once the student has submitted their “Notice of Intent to Graduate Application” through myUCF, they should pull up a current degree audit in myUCF and  go to and complete the COS gradform using their degree audit.  Once the gradform has been completed, students should check their knights email account frequently throughout the term for additional information, including dates for graduation review sessions. (Accommodations are made for Regional Campus and Distance Learning students)


Where do students go for Commencement Ceremony information?

All commencement information can be found on the UCF Registrar’s website: . No other source should be used for commencement information.


 Graduation Review Process:

Departments are contacted by Chauntrice twice within each semester:

  • The first contact is within the first few weeks of the current graduation term.  Chauntrice sends over degree audits for students who have declared one of your programs and filed for graduation for the current term, but has deficiencies within the program. Chauntrice requests an early review of this subset of your graduating students, so that when she sends them a status letter, she will have all approved exceptions entered into the audit.
    • Note: You will still receive a FULL set of your audits after the Withdrawal deadline for the current semester to review and sign for certification.
  • The second contact is after the withdrawal deadline for the current term.  Chauntrice sends over a FULL set of degree audits for all students on the current graduation list (major/minor and certificates as applicable). Departments are to review only those areas of the audit that contain major, minor or departmental requirements for your programs.  A memo with the complete set of instructions will be attached to the degree audits.



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Orientation Schedule: 2014

UCF Orientation Dates – 2014

All sessions take place in the Pegasus Ballroom and begin at 9:00 a.m.

  • Friday, March 21 –  Summer/Fall Transfer
  • Friday, April 4 – Summer/Fall Transfer
  • Friday, May 9 – Summer/Fall Transfer
  • Tuesday, May 13 – Late Orientation (Summer A)
  • Monday-Tuesday, May 19-20 – Summer FTIC
  • Thursday-Friday, May 22-23 – Summer FTIC
  • Wednesday-Thursday, May 28-29 –  Summer FTIC (HM at Rosen Day 2)
  • Friday, May 30 –  Summer/Fall Transfer
  • Monday-Tuesday, June 2-3 –  Summer/Fall FTIC (Bilingual Family Session, Compass Students Only)
  • Wednesday, June 4 – Summer/Fall Transfer (ROSEN)
  • Thursday-Friday, June 5-6 – Fall FTIC (Honors Only)
  • Monday-Tuesday, June 9-10 – Fall FTIC (EXCEL)
  • Wednesday-Thursday, June 11-12 –  Summer FTIC
  • Friday, June 13 –  Summer/Fall Transfer
  • Monday-Tuesday, June 16-17 –  Fall FTIC (LEAD/LEARN)
  • Wednesday, June 18  – Summer/Fall Transfer (Athletes)
  • Thursday-Friday, June 19-20 – Summer FTIC (Pegasus/SOAR/STEP/ASSA)
  • Tuesday, June 24 – Late Orientation (Summer B)
  • Wednesday-Thursday, June 25-2 6-  Fall FTIC (HM at Rosen Day 2)
  • Friday, June 27 –  Fall Transfer
  • Monday, June 30 – Fall Transfer (ROSEN)
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 7-8 – Fall FTIC
  • Wednesday-Thursday, July 9-10 –  Fall FTIC
  • Friday, July 11 – Fall Transfer
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 14-15 –  Fall FTIC (Compass)
  • Wednesday-Thursday, July 16-17 – Fall FTIC (HM at Rosen Day 2)
  • Friday, July 18 –  Fall Transfer
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 21-22 –  Fall FTIC (Athletes)
  • Thursday, July 24  –  Fall Transfer
  • Friday, July 25  –  Fall Transfer
  • Tuesday, August 12 –   Fall Transfer
  • Wednesday-Thursday, August 13-14 –  Fall FTIC (Out of State/Athletes)
  • Friday August 15  –  Fall Transfer
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PERC Policies

Prerequisite Drop Process (PERC)

Each semester, the College of Sciences runs the PERC process to ensure students who are not qualifying for certain courses with their prerequisites are removed from their courses before the end of add/drop week. This process is designed to prevent students from enrolling in courses that they will be unable to succeed in and ensure proper sequencing of courses for targeted majors.

Late in registration each semester COSAS runs a PERC report to determine which students are not satisfying their prerequisite requirements for enrollment and adds these students to a drop list. This list is then used to check student records, determine why they are not meeting prerequisites, and should the student not have a legitimate qualification for being in the class they are administratively removed by COSAS.

As of the Spring 2014 semester the following units are participating in the PERC process:

  • Biology
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Communication

Programs may choose to participate in PERC by contacting


Who gets flagged by PERC?

There are many reasons a student may be flagged by the PERC report and be placed upon the drop list. The two primary populations are:

  • Transfer students with PENDING overrides for in-progress coursework.
  • UCF students who received a less-than-passing score in a prerequisite course (such as an F or D, or occasionally a C- depending upon the specific prerequisite).

In rare cases graduate students, honors college students no longer in the honors program, and students with unusual overrides may also be flagged. Due to the diverse nature of this student population, participation and coordination with the department and school advising offices is critical to the success of PERC.


How PERC Works:

Each semester a large number of overrides are processed by advising offices across campus. Each override, when placed in MyUCF, has a comment area required for completion of the override. In this comment area, advisers  MUST indicate “PENDING” or “COMPLETED” to make the process for pre requisite drop run smoothly. PENDING credit indicates that the student has yet to finish the course that is satisfying the prerequisite, while COMPLETED indicates that a grade is on file and pending transcript processing.

Approximately 2 weeks before add/drop period, COSAS run a master PERC report for each department that is participating in the drop process. This report is then made available for participating departments and schools via the COSAS Share Drive. Departments then review the list of students flagged by the report and indicate if the student has department approval to be removed from the drop list and remain in the course.

For all students not approved in this fashion, COSAS then sends multiple notifications warning the student that they will be dropped from the course unless they provide proof to COSAS before the deadline (typically 9:00 am of the Tuesday during Add/Drop). Students may come into COSAS with physical proof of satisfying the missing prerequisite, provide COSAS with an override from the department, or email with digital proof (students are given exact specifics of what digital proof will be allowed each semester).

Should students not have their proof into COSAS by the deadline, the final drop list is then sent to departments and schools for final review and, upon confirmation by the department that no additional students need to be removed, COSAS then drops all students from the flagged courses.

Should a student be able to provide proof after being dropped, they may be re-enrolled into an open section of the course in question however COSAS will not override a student into a closed or waitlisted class should they be dropped by PERC. Departments may allow an override to enroll a student in this fashion.


Questions and Information:

For additional questions concerning PERC, please contact:

Mr. Ryan Sexton CSB 250 All general questions, Math, Physics, Communications
Mr. Brooks Pingston CSB 250 Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
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Forms and Files

Downloads for Faculty and Staff Advisors:

Updated forms and files for faculty and staff advisers can be found below. Type in the access password to see the downloads section below:

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