Distinguished Speaker Series

The College of Sciences Distinguished Speaker Series brings renowned speakers from the University of Central Florida and across the country to enrich lives of members of the Central Florida community. Our speakers will address topics relevant to the natural, computational, social or behavioral sciences and to the societal implication of developments in these fields.

Our 2016-17 Distinguished Speaker Series is complete.  Please check back in August for information on our 2017-18 series.

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Previous Speakers and Topics

2016-17 Series

  • Matthew Tocheri, Ph.D. – Evolution and the Significance of the Hobbits
  • Clint Bowers, Ph.D. – A Mostly Serious Talk About Serious Games
  • Tim & Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D.s – Communicating During a Crisis:  Making Connections that Matter With Diverse PublicsGunes Murat Tezcur, Ph.D. – What do Terrorists and Freedom Fighters Have in Common?
  • Richard Rosenfeld, Ph.D. – 2015 Homicide Rise and the ‘Ferguson Effect’
  • Daniel Britt, Ph.D. – Orbits and Ice Ages: The History of Climate
  • Charissa de Bekker, Ph.D. – The Story of Zombie Ants: How Can a Fungal Parasite Control Animal Behavior?

2015-16 Series

  • Sarah Parcak, Ph.D. – A Digital Revolution:  Archeology from Space
  • Deborah Beidel, Ph.D. – Examining Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Qiang Du, Ph.D. – Mathematics for continuum Phenomena
  • Giulia Galli, Ph.D. – Earth Abundant Materials for Solar Energy Conservation
  • Walter DeKeseredy, Ph.D. – Understanding Violence Against Women in Rural Communities
  • Henry Nau, Ph.D. – Is America Heading Again Toward Isolationism?
  • Will Cramption, Ph.D. – The Electric Amazon

2014-15 Series

  • James Alan Fox, Ph.D. – Mass Shootings in America:  Myths and Realities
  • Arthur Demarest, Ph.D. – The Maya Collapse
  • Andrei Markov, Ph.D. – Sports, Politics and Cultural Transformation
  • Tony Heinz, Ph.D. – Wonders in Two Dimensions:  Looking at Graphene and Beyond
  • Dan Canary, Ph.D. – Managing Conflict Strategically in Personal Relationships
  • Barry Fisher – CSI in Real Life:  Realities of Modern Forensic Science
  • Olivia Judson, Ph.D. – The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex