Dr. Sarah Parcak

Distinguished Speaker Series:
Dr. Sarah Parcak

Dr. Sarah ParcakA Digital Revolution:
Archeology from Space

Dr. Sarah Parcak
Fellow, National Geographic Society and Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
September 23rd, 2015 at 6:00 PM
Cevíche Tapas Orlando (125 W. Church Street Orlando, FL 32801)

Today, archeology is undergoing a revolution from space.  Across the globe, archeologists use high resolution satellite imagery and airborne laser platforms to create entirely new maps of well known sites as well as discover “new” ancient cities. This presentation will share how new satellite technologies are helping us to rewrite ancient history, while also allowing us to re-imagine ancient society on a completely different scale. Examples from Egypt, the Mediterranean, Europe, and the new world will be discussed, mainly focusing on new discoveries in Egypt and the tremendous potential of the new technology. How archeologists use satellites to stop looting in the Middle East will also be presented.

About Dr. Sarah Parcak:

Sarah Parcak is from Bangor, Maine. She is a National Geographic Society Archeology Fellow, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and a 2013 TED Senior Fellow. Sarah serves as the founding director of the Laboratory for Global Observation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Sarah and her husband, Egyptologist Greg Mumford, work together on the Surveys and Excavation Projects in Egypt, which includes archeological projects in the Delta, Sinai, and pyramid fields regions of Egypt. Sarah has written the first textbook on the field of satellite archeology, Satellite Remote Sensing for Archeology, and has published numerous peer reviewed scientific papers. She is regularly invited to give papers at national and international conferences and symposia. She is also interviewed regularly for national print media (Science, Nature, National Geographic, CNN, BBC). Her research has been featured in two major international BBC-Discovery Chanel Documentaries, “Egypt: What Lies Beneath” and “Rome’s Lost Empire.” Sarah has worked with NASA and the US State Department, and has collaborators across the globe. She has given 150 talks to a range of audiences worldwide.

Sarah is an avid fan of “football,” as she played varsity football (aka soccer) for Yale and Cambridge, winning her varsity blue and leading Cambridge to a 4-0 defeat of Oxford in the Varsity Match in 2005 with two goals and two assists. She enjoys gardening, cooking, traveling, and learning bluegrass guitar.