Endowed Funds

To attract outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in every academic field, UCF needs significant funding for scholarships, fellowships and teaching. In addition, the university seeks support for diversity programs, international studies and research opportunities.

What are Endowed funds?

Endowed scholarships enable us to attract and retain the best and brightest students throughout the state, region and nation. These are gifts to UCF which are invested in perpetuity to provide ongoing and stable funding for student scholarships, academic chairs/professorships and
academic programs.

The minimum funding levels required to establish a named endowment are
generally as follows:

  • Student scholarship and program support begins at $25,000
  • Endowed faculty support begins at $150,000

Endowments can honor individuals and perpetuate shared values. Many of UCF’s endowments have become family traditions with succeeding generations adding gifts to the principal established by the founding donors.

Endowed funds at work

  • Endowed scholarships, faculty posts and programs add a visible difference in quality, financial stability and value to UCF’s campus.
  • Holding an endowed professorship or chair is an honor in the academic world and an opportunity for UCF to reward its best faculty or to
    recruit top professors from other institutions.
  • Endowed student scholarships are a key factor in attracting the best and brightest students to UCF.
  • The academic programs funded through endowments are often a key factor in student and faculty decisions to join UCF.

For more information or to establish an endowed fund, please contact:

Ray AllenRay Allen
Director of Development, College of Sciences