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Books and Book Chapters:

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  • Angelini, C.,   De Canditiis, D.,   Pensky, M. (2012)
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    In  Advanced Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Large Data-Sets,
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  •  Davis,  J.,  Pensky, M.  (2014)
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    In  Topics in Nonparametric Statistics. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 74,
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Research Papers:


  • Bhattacharyya,B.B, Li, X., Pensky, M., and Richardson, G.D. (2000)
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    Statistics and Decisions,  23, 181–198.   PDF


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  • Heard, A., Pensky, M. (2006)
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    DOI:    PDF
  • Crampton, W.G.R., Davis,  J.K.,  Lovejoy,  N.R.,  Pensky, M. (2008)
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  • Huo, Q.,  Cordero, A.,    Bogdanovic, J.,    Colon, J.,  Baker, C.H.,   Goodison, S.,  Pensky, M. (2011)
    A Facile Nanoparticle Immunoassay to Detect Multiple Biomarkers in Serum Samples.
    Journal of Nanobiotechnology9 (20)


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    Clustering  Time-Course Microarray Data Using Functional Bayesian Infinite Mixture Model.
    Journal of Applied Statistics,  39, 129-149.   PDF


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    Non-asymptotic approach to varying coefficient model.
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    Electronic Journal of Statistics,  7,  1686–1715.   PDF
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  • Pensky, M. (2013)
    Spatially inhomogeneous linear inverse problems with possible singularities.
    Annals of Statistics, 41, 2668–2697.   PDF   SOFTWARE


  • Antoniadis, A., Pensky, M., Sapatinas, T. (2014)
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  • Klopp,   O., Pensky, M. (2015)
    Sparse high-dimensional varying coefficient model: non-asymptotic minimax study.  
    Ann. Stat, 43, 1273–1299.   PDF
  • Liu, B., Wang, O., Tappen, M., Foroosh, H., Pensky, M. (2015)
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  • Jaberi, M.,   Pensky, M., Foroosh, H. (2015)
    Sparse  Withdrawal of Inliers in a First Trial (SWIFT). 
    CVPR Proceedings 2015,  4849–4857.    PDF


  • Pensky, M.
    Solution of linear ill-posed problems using overcomplete dictionaries.  
    Ann. Statist., 44, 1739-1764.  PDF
  • De Canditiis, D.,   Pensky, M.
    Estimation of delta-contaminated density of the random intensity   of Poisson data.
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    Minimax theory of estimation of linear functionals of the deconvolution density
    with or without sparsity.  Ann. Statist., accepted  PDF
  • Pensky, M.
    Dynamic network models and graphon estimationArXiv1607.00673
  • Gupta, P., Pensky, M.
    Solution of linear ill-posed problems using random dictionariesArXiv1605.07913      MatLabFiles


  • Comte,  F., Cuenod,  C.-A., Pensky, M.,   Rozenholc, Y.  (2017)
    Laplace deconvolution on the basis of   time domain data  and its application to Dynamic Contrast Enhanced imaging. 
    Journal of the Royal Stat. Society, Ser. B,  79,   69–94   PDF
    SOFTWARE (courtesy Yves Rozenholc)
  • Abramovich, F., Pensky, M.   Feature selection and classification of high-dimensional normal vectors with possibly large number of classes.   PDF
  • Benhaddou, R., Pensky, M.,  Rajapakshage, R.  Anisotropic functional Laplace decnvolution  PDF
  • Pensky, M., Zhang, T.   Spectral clustering in the dynamic stochastic block model.   PDF