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Nine COS Students Receive Prestigious Order of Pegasus

  Nine students from the College of Sciences are recipients of  Order of Pegasus, the university’s most prestigious student award. The 2019 recipients were selected from a pool of 77 nominations.  Undergraduate students are chosen for Order of Pegasus each year based on their outstanding achievement in the areas of academic achievement, university involvement, leadership and community […]

Peer-Reviewed Papers Give Students Edge For Post-Graduation Careers

  After taking their mentor’s advice, two UCF students have seen new opportunities open following the publication of their first peer-reviewed research papers. Yaser Ahmad, a junior biomedical sciences major, and Kristyna Ceuninck, an anthropology Master’s student, both published peer-reviewed papers in Clinical Anatomy about unilateral cleft lip and palate, or UCLP. Helping them along […]

Alumnus Shows Versatility of Anthropology Degree

Anthropology and nuclear physics seem worlds apart, but Brian Smith proves that’s not the case. As an Orlando native, Smith had been around UCF his whole life. Ultimately, the university’s growing campus and reputation encouraged him to pursue his education here. “For me, it was exciting to be on the ground floor of a revolutionary […]

Gizmodo Taps Anthro Prof for Take On Dangerous Food

Quick. What’s a hefty fruit that can not only kill you with the wicked one-inch thorns on its thick exterior, but is so sulfurous on the inside that eating high concentrations could also prove lethal? If you guessed Southeast Asia’s durian fruit, you’re right. It was also Ty Matejowsky’s choice when he was approached by […]

Bottle Collection Sparks Lifelong Passion for Archaeology

  Amanda Groff was certain in high school she had found the lost city of Atlantis. It was plotted on a map right next to all the ancient sites she would visit as a future archaeologist. “I was fortunate to grow up with a lot of curiosity in me. And I was doubly fortunate to […]

Archaeology Is Family Affair For Husband-Wife Team

Some couples meet on a blind date, or get together through matchmaker friends. Others connect in in the Guatemalan jungle while studying pre-Columbian ruins. “Yeah, our story is a little atypical,” laughs Brigitte Kovacevich, Ph.D., who teaches along with her husband, Michael Callaghan, Ph.D., in the Anthropology Department. The couple became friends as students at Vanderbilt […]

Bolivian Mud Could Be Key To Unlocking Ancient Agriculture

A group of Anthropology researchers are counting on some dirty work to unlock the secrets of past civilizations. More specifically, they’re studying Amazonian mud, carefully extracted from a Bolivian swamp and transported back to a laboratory on UCF’s campus. Their goal is to date the pollen and other biological sediments layered in close to five […]

COS Alumni Recognized For Career Achievements

Ten College of Sciences alumni were recognized Thursday for their career achievements at the 2018-19 Distinguished Alumni Awards. “Tonight’s awardees were selected based on their professional achievement, exceptional community service and reflection of the college’s mission to expand knowledge in the sciences, mathematical sciences, and communications,” COS Dean Michael Johnson, Ph.D., told the audience gathered […]

Anthropology Online Program Ranks No. 1 in Country has ranked the Anthropology Department’s online program No. 1 in the U.S. Anthropology’s fully online major became available to students during the 2016-17 academic year. In just two years the number of anthropology majors pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in anthropology has grown from 3 percent to 15 percent. The ranking is a […]

The 2018-19 Distinguished Speaker Series is Here!

    The UCF College of Sciences Distinguished Speaker Series is back for its fifth edition. Starting in September, six speakers will present on new technology and research in their respective fields. The 2018-2019 series will be held monthly (excluding November and December) at the Tuscawilla Country Club from September 2018 to April 2019 at […]

International Study Suggests Ancient Globalization

Using energy consumption as a measure, a team of international scientists has found that ancient civilizations engaged in globalization more than previously believed, suggesting that an integrated global economy is nothing new and may have benefited societies for ages. This archaeological research is the first of its kind, because instead of focusing on specific regions […]

Digging Up Rosewood

Anthropology visiting lecturer Edward Gonzalez-Tennant, Ph.D., spent the last decade of his life researching what happened almost a century ago in Rosewood, Florida. The recent release of his book, The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence, and the last remaining house from Rosewood that was just put on the market, have brought the town […]

Untraditional Path to Traditional Medicine

Alumna Uma Ramoutar is making history. She’s one of just 50 students selected for the first class of the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Initially a biology major with a psychology minor, Ramoutar chose a different path to medical school in search of a broader education. “Though […]

Researching the Ever-Changing Tampa Bay

Jaime Rogers, a master’s anthropology student, received $1,700 in grants from the Florida Anthropological Society and the Florida Archaeological Council to fund his research. “I am grateful that my research was recognized as being interesting enough to fund,” Rogers said. “There are some great research projects going on in Florida archaeology right now, and that […]

First-Generation Student’s First Research Fellowship

Stefani Hammond received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) to work alongside anthropology Assistant Professor John Starbuck, Ph.D., in his lab this summer. As a first-generation student putting herself through school, she is thankful for this opportunity. “Being awarded this fellowship means a lot to me in many different ways,” Hammond said. “As an undergraduate […]

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