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Spring 2018 marks the 30th year anniversary of the chemical attacks in Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan in which thousands of Kurdish civilians were killed. More recently, chemical attacks in the Syrian city of Gouta killed hundreds of civilians in August…


Clayton Besaw, a PhD candidate in the Security Studies Program and a member of our Research Group, is starting a full-time position as a Political Event Forecaster in One Earth Future based in Denver. Before he embarks on his car journey from Orlando to Denver, we have caught with Clayton to talk about his journey at UCF.

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The Best Article Award in Kurdish Political Studies.

This award recognizes the best article in Kurdish Political Studies by a rising scholar during the previous calendar year. In this year’s competition, social science and humanities articles published in English language peer-reviewed journals in 2016 were considered.


The First Prize Winner

Kelda Jamison, “Hefty dictionaries in incomprehensible tongues: commensurating code and language community in Turkey,” Anthropological Quarterly 89 (2016): 31-62.


Honorable Mentions

Erlend Paasche, “The role of corruption in reintegration: experiences of Iraqi Kurds upon return from Europe,” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42 (2016): 1076-93.

Metin Yüksel, “On the borders of the Turkish and Iranian nation-States: The story of Ferzende and Besra,” Middle Eastern Studies 52 (2016): 656-76.


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