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Kerstin Hamann (Ph.D. Washington University) is Pegasus Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department. She was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the APSA Section on Political Science Education. Hamann also served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Political Science Education (2012-2016) and was Vice President of the American Political Science Association.

Her research interests focus Western European politics, especially the role of labor unions in politics, and Spanish politics. She has also published in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, with a focus on online education. Her recent research has analyzed the causes and consequences of union inclusion in reforming policies in Western Europe, looking at inclusion of unions through social pacts as well as union protest through general strikes. Her books include The Politics of Industrial Relations: Labor Unions in Spain (2012); Parties, Elections, and Policy Reforms in Western Europe: Voting for Social Pacts, with J. Kelly (2010; paperback 2015); Assessment in Political Science, co-edited with M. Deardorff and J. Ishiyama (2009); and Democracy and Institutional Development: Spain in Comparative Theoretical Perspective, co-edited with B. Field (2008). Recent articles include “The Electoral Effects of General Strikes in Western Europe,” Comparative Politics;  “Framing Legislative Bills in Parliament: Regional-Nationalist Parties’ Strategies in Spain’s Multinational Democracy,” Party Politics (with B. Field); “Sharing the Rewards but Dividing the Costs?: The Electoral Consequences of Social Pacts and Legislative Reform in Western Europe,” West European Politics (with A. Johnston, A. Katsanidou, J. Kelly, and P. Pollock); “Unions against Governments: Explaining General Strikes in Western Europe, 1980-2006” (with J. Kelly and A. Johnston), Comparative Political Studies, and “Distance Education and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Political Science,” Politics (with P. Pollock, G. Smith, and B. Wilson).

Hamann is a recipient of the UCF Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (campus-wide) and has also been honored with an Excellence in Professional Service Award (campus-wide), as well as Research Incentive Awards and university-wide Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards. She was a Fellow in the Teaching Academy (College of Education) and served as a Provost’s Senior Faculty Fellow. She also served as a Faculty Fellow to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Hamann has been an active member of several professional associations; among others, she has served as chair of APSA’s Committee on Teaching and Learning, the APSA Committee on Governance Reform, Co-Founder of the APSA Distinguished Teaching Award, a member of the steering committee of the APSA Iberian Politics Related Group, and on the SPSA Finance Committee.

Dr. Hamann’s research interests lie in Western European Politics with a focus on comparative political economy, comparative industrial relations, and Spanish politics, as well as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Her research on Spanish unions has recently been published as The Politics of Industrial Relations: Labor Unions in Spain(Routledge, 2012). The book examines the trajectory of Spanish unions since the Franco dictatorship from an analytical framework focusing on the political construction of industrial relations. The research was funded by the European Commission through the Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence and by the Spanish Ministry of Culture through the Program for Cultural Cooperation Between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States Universities.

Her collaborative research with John Kelly examines the causes and consequences of union inclusion in policy reforms in 16 West European countries from 1980 to 2006. Their book, Parties, Elections, and Policy Reforms in Western Europe: Voting for Social Pacts (Routledge, 2010), focuses on the electoral dynamics underlying the emergence of social pacts in Western Europe. The project was funded by the British Economic and Social Research Council. Together with Alison Johnston, they have analyzed the consequences of unions’ inclusion in policy reforms for the rise in general strikes in Western Europe. This research is forthcoming as “Unions against Governments: Explaining General Strikes in Western Europe, 1980-2006” in Comparative Political Studies(2013).

Dr. Hamann’s previous books include Bonnie N. Field and Kerstin Hamann (eds.), Democracy and Institutional Development: Spain in Comparative Theoretical Perspective(Palgrave Macmillan, 2008). Two primary themes address first, institutionalization and the distribution of institutionalization in the polity, and second, the relationship between institutional design and representation.

Hamann’s co-edited book (with Michelle Deardorff and John Ishiyama), Assessment in Political Science (American Political Science Association, 2009), grew out of her research interest in assessment of student learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). This area of research has also been published in numerous book chapters and articles in journals such as the Journal of Political Science Education and PS: Political Science & Politics.

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