Child Psychopathology Undergraduate Class


Week 1 Handouts:

Clinical Disorder Table template clinical-disorder-table-template

Week 1, Day 1 Class Notes: PP Week 1 2015 pdf website

Week 1, Day 2 Class Notes:PP Week 1 Part 2 pdf Web Site

Week 1, Grad School Information: grad-school-info-2017pdf

Week 2 Handouts:

Week 2, Day 1 Notes:Week 2 Assessment 2015 pdf class notes

Week 2, Day 2 Notes:Week 2 Assessment pdf Class Notes Day 2

Week 3 Handouts/Assigned Journal Articles to Read ‘before’ class:

Milich Widiger Landau conditional probability

Halperin Matier et al. 1992

Chapter03 Handout Slides 2013

Intellectual Disability Class Handouts: Week 3 Intellectual Disabilitypdf2015

Reading Disorder (chapter 7) Class Handouts: LearningAcademicProblemspdf2015ClassNotes

Intellectual-Disability-Sheet 2014 Intellectual-Disability-Sheet 2014

Week 4 Learning Disability, Academic Problems, and Autism

LD/Academic Problems Class Notes: Chapter07 Learning & Academic Problems2015 copy

Autism Class Notes:  Autism 2015 pdf Class Notes

Clinical Disorders Autism sheet: Clinical Disorders Autism sheet 2017

Week 6 to 7 ADHD Handouts and Assigned Readings

Rapport, Alderson,Kofler, Sarver, Bolden, & Sims 2008

Rapport, Bolden, Kofler, Sarver, Raiker, & Alderson (2009)

Kofler, Rapport, Bolden, Sarver, & Raiker (2010)

Bolden, Rapport, Raiker, Sarver, & Kofler (2012)

ADHD History Intro Slides 2014 Class Handouts 1

ADHD Day 2 WM Model and EFs 2014 Class Handouts

Week 7 Readings and Notes

ADHD Rx 2014 Day 3 pdf Handouts


Molina – MTA at 8 years: Molina – MTA at 8 years

Rapport et al. WM Meta Published Version 2013 copy

ADHD Clinical Disorder Sheet: Clinical Disorder ADHD Table 2017

Week 7 to 8 Oppositional Defiant Disorder & Conduct Disorder Assigned Readings and Class Notes

Kahn Frick Youngstrom 2012 CD callous traits

ODD Handouts 2014

Conduct Disorder 2014 Handouts

ODD Clinical Disorder Sheet:2017 Clinical Disorder ODD sheet

Week 8 Conduct Disorder Class Notes

Conduct Disorder 2014 Class Notes

Conduct Disorder Clinical Disorder Sheet:Clinical Disorder CD sheet

Week 9 and 10: Mood Disorders and Bipolar Disorder

Mood Disorders 2014 Day 1 Handout Slides

Zepf & Holtmann Mood Dysregulation Chapter 2013

Youngstrom, Arnold, & Frazier (2010) CPSP – Bipolar and ADHD PDF

Baroni Lunsford et al. 2009 Review of Bipolar Disorder PDF

Bipolar Disorder 2014 Class Presentation Handouts

Bipolar Disorder vs ADHD:Bipolar vs ADHD 2017

Clinical Disorder Sheet for Depression: Major Depression Clinical Sheet 2017 copy

Week 11 and 12: Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders 2017 Class Handouts

Additional Schematics 2014

Child Depression Clinical Disorder Sheet: Major Depression Clinical Sheet 2015

Specific Phobia Clinical Disorder Sheet: Clinical Sheet Specific Phobia 2017

Social Phobia Clinical Disorder Sheet: 2017 Social Anxiety Sheet 2017

Broeren et al. (2012). The Course of Childhood Anxiety Symptoms: DevelopmentalTrajectories and Child-Related Factors in Normal Children: Anxiety developmental trajectory 2013 copy

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Class Handouts: OCD 2014 Handout Slides

Week 13: Tourette’s Disorder and Eating Disorders

Tourette’s Disorder 2014 Handouts

Tourette’s Clinical Sheet: Tourette’s Disorder Clinical Sheet 2017

Eating Disorders Handouts

Week 14: Elimination Disorders and Sleep Disorders

Elimination Disorders 2014 Class Handouts

Urine Alarm Training Schematic: Alarm Training Diagram 2015

Encopresis 2014 Class Handouts

Sleep Disorders 2014

Week 15: Early Onset Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia 2013 Class Handouts 2014