Children’s Learning Clinic Alumni

Joseph S. Raiker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Florida International University
Dustin Sarver, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi Medical School
Jennifer Bolden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
Michael J. Kofler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Florida State University
R. Matt Alderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University
Maria Coiro, Ph.D., Post-Doc, Moffitt Cancer Institute
Komano O’Pono Crabbe, Ph.D. Post-doc, Tripler Army Medical Center
George DuPaul, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology Department Chair, Lehigh University
Kevin Kelly, Ph.D., Faculty, SUNY—Stony Brook Medical School
Sandra Loo, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UCLA
Kyong-Mee Chung, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department Chair, Yonsei University, Korea
Gary Stoner, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Director of School Psychology University of Rhode Island
Patrick Uchigakiuchi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chaminade University
Stuart Vyse, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, (past Department Chair) Connecticut College
Sean Scanlan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chaminade University

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Alumni
Kelcey Little, Florida International University, Ph.D. Clinical Program
Wendy Siciliano, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program, Fielding University
Nate Manche, Virginia Commonwealth Medical School
Andrea DeWitt, Rollins College, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Taylor Sweet, UCF Masters Program, Mental Health Counseling
Anya Kroytor, Masters Program in Speech Pathology
Melissa Thye, Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology
Ethan Labonte, Masters Program, Florida Institute of Technology
Whitney DeGraff, University of Central Florida, Mental Health Counseling M.S. Program
Morgan Futch, University of Central Florida, Mental Health Counseling M.S. Program
Lior Lynn, Masters in Science in Education, University of Miami
Anya Kroytor, University of Central Florida, Communicative Disorders M.S. Program
Michelle Bern, Florida State University, School Psychology M.S./Ed.S. Program
Kristine Malpass, Florida Institute of Technology, Applied Behavioral Analysis M.S. Program
Alex Stringfellow, Rollins College, Masters of Planning in Civil Urbanism
Stephanie Gamm, UCF, Exceptional Student Education M.A. Program
Katie Harrison, Louisiana State University , Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program
Chris Hughes, CUNY - John Jay, Forensic Psychology M.A. Program
Charles Fusca, UCF, School Psychology M.A. Program
Sara Bibbens, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Ben Fey, Mississippi State University, M.S. Experimental Psychology Program
Liza Weitzner, UCF, School Psychology M.A. Program
Samantha Winton, UT - Austin, School Psychology Ph.D. Program
Joanne Spracklen, Pepperdine University
Mike Strand, SUNY - Buffalo, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program
Jessie Hulse, UCF, Communication Disorders, M.A.
Sherri Yelland, FSU, School/Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program
Elizabeth Lugo, UCF, Counselor Education M.A. Program
Alisa Gregg, FIT, Clinical Psychology Psy.D. Program
Rachel Wolfe, UCF, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program
Melissa Duchene, Howard University, School of Education M.A. Program
Frances Silvers, UCF, Communication Disorders M.A. Program
Brian Rizo, Michigan State, Sports Administration M.S. Program
Kimberly Weiss, USF, Applied Behavioral Analysis M.A. Program
Jennifer Torres, Michigan State, Marriage & Family Therapy M.A. Program