PTSD Treatment

PTSD is associated with poor quality of life, guilt, anger, and unemployment, among other life challenges.

The Trauma Management Therapy program, a division of UCF RESTORES, is offering two like-kind treatment programs that use the most effective treatments for trauma-related PTSD. In addition to our 17 week outpatient program, we also offer the same treatment in an intensive 3 week program to accommodate patients who live outside of the Orlando area. Financial support for travel or living accommodations may be available – please speak to our care coordinator if you need assistance. Both programs have been successfully treating PTSD for active-duty military personnel, veterans, as well as first-responders. This is the result of a 5-year clinical research program funded by a grant to UCF from the Department of Defense Military Operations Medical Operations Program.

Individuals who believe that they might be suffering from PTSD, and who are interested in getting more information about our Trauma Management Therapy program are encouraged to contact our Clinical Program Coordinator, Ms. Monica Friedman, at 407-823-3910.

Additional Information:

View our Brochure for Military Personnel (Veterans and Active-Duty)
View our Brochure for First Responders and Medical Professionals
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Directions to Our Clinic

UCF RESTORES is located in the Psychology Building on UCF’s Main Campus in Orlando. To get here, drive to UCF’s Main Orlando Campus and enter through Gemini Blvd (directions to Gemini Blvd). Follow Gemini Blvd past the Lake Claire Dorms. Make a right just before the Fairwinds Alumni Center (building 126 on the campus map below), and continue straight to the oval-shaped parking lot directly in front of the Psychology Building (building 99 on the campus map).There is a parking lot reserved for clients of the clinic at no cost, located just a short walk from the entrance to our waiting room.

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