Brian Bunnell

Brian BunnellBrian received his BA in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2010, his MS in Clinical Psychology from UCF in 2013, and his Ph.D. His interest is in developmental psychopathology, with an emphasis on anxiety disorders, selective mutism and stress.

Brian is interested in the development of advanced assessment and treatment protocols that are

  • efficacious
  • easily distributable to community clinicians and
  • economically feasible for low-income communities.

His recent research examined the use of technology (e.g., computer and tablet computer applications) to improve treatment for patients with social phobia and selective mutism. Additionally, he worked with Dr. Deborah Beidel on a study funded by the Department of Defense, which aims to assess stress and resiliency in the families of deployed military service members. Results from this investigation will assist in the development of technology-based intervention/prevention protocols to combat risk-factors associated with military deployment.

Brian is now a Postdoctoral Scholar in Clinical Psychology in the Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles at the Medical University of South Carolina.