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Updated: August 27, 2015

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OPS Tracking workbook
Budget Overview Screen.pdf
Tracking Payroll – Expenditure within Date Range.pdf

Payroll Expenditures by Employee.pdf

Checking Payroll 
It is important to verify every payroll prior to the employee receiving (or not receiving) a paycheck. To accomplish this you should run the Cost Center Report prior to Pay Day. Human Resources will send a notification to all authorized payroll processors and approvers when the reports are ready. The college will also forward the notification to the COS Cost Center Report Contact list (to be added to this list please email Note: To be an authorized payroll processor or approver PeopleSoft training is required. You can register for the courses through

To check the cost center reports you will need a list of everyone’s bi-weekly.

  • For contracted employees you can use a copy of the ePAF processed.
  • For hourly employees you will need their hourly rates and the number of hours authorized. Both reports can be pulled from the PeopleSoft/HR system by your payroll processor or approver. Report Names: Rate Report (for hourly rates) and Processors Timesheet Verf Rpt (# of hours entered).

OR you can use the college’s OPS Tracking Template (See the information below: Utilizing the OPS Tracking Template).
Cost Center Report 
Navigation (within PeopleSoft SA/HR – not financials) = HR Custom > HR Report > Payroll > Cost Center Report

This report is available for employees who have responsibility for maintaining the departmental budget. To obtain access to this report, the employee must complete and submit a Departmental Cost Center Authorization form ( Upon receipt of the form, a Human Resource Payroll Services staff member will provide security that is necessary to access this report. (NOTE: You have to update your security list when new department and/or project numbers are created and you will not receive a notification from HR when they have added the security)

The Cost Center Report lists all employee payroll charges for that pay period on each department/project number. This report can be accessed at any time; however, cost data for each pay period will not be available until the Tuesday prior to pay day.

Additionally, there is a cumulative report available which totals cost center reports for a specific time period.

The report comes in two formats, PDF and a data file (CSV). Both reports are included in the output when the process is run.

Questions about Pay?

12 Mo. Faculty, 9 Mo. Faculty, USPS and/or A&P



Utilizing the OPS Tracking Template (developed by the College of Sciences)

Getting started…

  1. Print the Budget Overview (above in download section)
  2. Click the budget hyperlink on the budget overview screen
  3. Determine your sources of income from the budget detail screen (step 2) and the latest monthly budget status report. Note: If you need a copy of the latest monthly budget status report you can our budget office at
  4. Run the Expenditure within Date Range Report (instructions in download section)
  5. Do the Budget Overview & the Expenditure within Date Range Report (to expenditures) match? If so, proceed to the next step.
  6. Obtain the latest copy of the College of Sciences HR Journal Tracking or to be added to the email distribution please send a request to
  7. Open the OPS Tracking Excel workbook (template located in the download section)
  8. Enter the budget information
  9. Enter the expenditures in the appropriate pay period (every expenditure on the Expenditure within Date Range is linked to a HR Journal–look up the HR journal number on the HR Journal Tracking sheet to determine pay period)
  10. Enter ePAF/Contacts under the employee section based on Dates

Reviewing Cost Center Reports…

  1. Run the Cost Center Report for the department or project number you are reconciling (instructions provided in Cost Center Report section above).
  2. Select the “Cost Center Report Review” hyperlink listed under reports on the OPS Tracking Template.
  3. Select the appropriate pay period from the pivot table drop-down list and click the “UPDATE” button.

Note: The pivot table will generate a list of employees in alpha order (by last name), the anticipated salary and fringe amount. This information is based on information entered in the “employee” section on the main tab within the OPS Tracking Template.


Does the salary amount listed on the tracking template match the “Gross” column on the cost center report?

if not, are they an hourly employee? The OPS tracking report includes the number of hours the salary is based on. If the cost center report shows a different amount of hours then the salary should NOT be the same as the cost center report. If the employee, on a consistent basis, turns in more or less hours than listed on the tracking then an adjustment should be made to the tracking.

For example, if the ePAF has the employee working 20 standard hours (or 40 bi-weekly) but they are being paid for 30 standard hours (or 60 bi-weekly) then you should change the hours entered on the OPS Tracking Template.

if not and they are on a fixed contract (i.e. gta, adjunct, dual comp) then you should email and copy Please include their name, employee id and short description of the issue.

Does the fringe amount listed on the tracking template match the “Total Matching” column on the cost center report?

if not and they are a student, are they working more than 32 hours per week? Remember: HR reviews this information based on university data. For example, if they are working 20 hours/week for your department and 10 hours/week for another department–the individual & employer are subject to fringe costs because they are working more than 30 hours per week. You should update your tracking sheet to include a fringe rate (i.e. 1.45%). Fringe Rate = Total Matching/Gross Salary

if not and they are a student working less than 32 hours per week then you should email and copy Please include their name, employee ID and short description of the issue.

Has an ePAF been submitted to change any funding department/project numbers lately?

if yes, then you should review the effective date to ensure that it took place.

The “Payroll by Employee” query is available to assist you when having to move salary charges. In order to receive access to this query you must submit the request form and email it to