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Updated: September 12, 2019

Related College Policy
Salary Savings Return



The College of Sciences currently provides non-recurring funds for approved sabbaticals ($2,500 per course taught by the faculty member in the prior year). This amount should be visible to the unit on the NR Initiatives worksheet within the Budget Allocation workbook, after Faculty Excellence provides a final list.

Sabbaticals should be included in the compensation schedule for the faculty member in the appropriate year on the “Academic Year Compensation Schedule.” See Article 22 “SABBATICALS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS” of Collective Bargaining Agreement for additional information about Sabbaticals.

Vacant Lines

Normally, salary savings are returned to the unit for any staff lines included in the salary allocation but are not currently filled. During the planning stages, the unit can include anticipated returns on the “salary savings” income tab. If the vacancy takes place after the planning stage, then Seresa will add the salary savings to the salary savings worksheet once the replacement hire is finalized (ePAF).
Normally, faculty vacant lines (not associated with Provost lines) are held centrally for one year and then released to the department. This is referred to as a “Delayed Line.” This is visible to the unit on the “funding document” in the Budget Allocation workbook. Note: All applicable years are provided to the unit within the Budget Shared Folder.

Contracts & Grants
When a faculty or staff member is charged to a contract or grant for working on the project there are salary savings associated with this transaction. This process is facilitated using the Buyout Request form. Please see more information about this process on the Buy Out webpage.