Contacts: Undergraduate and Graduate:

Undergraduate: Teresa Dorman
Jana Jasinski or
Tonya Walker

Downloads: Lab_Fee_Materials & Supply (pdf); Lab & Equipment Fees_Presentation (ppt)

Requesting/Updating Fee(s) 

 Getting Started 
To establish and/or change the rates associated with the fees contact the appropriate individual identified above. Requests are approved by:

  1. The College
  2. Grad Council or UCRC
  3. Graduate or Undergraduate Dean
  4. Provost

Types of Fees
Material & Supply Fee
Account #: 24xx08-01

The Material & Supply Fee is generally referred to as “Lab Fees.” The purpose is to collect fees in order to cover the costs associated with a specific lab. Fees collected for one lab cannot be used to purchase materials and supplies for a different lab!

Expenditures are limited to materials and supplies, not equipment. For example, you could buy paper and ink for a printer but you could not buy the printer itself.

These fees are “charged” to each student enrolled in the lab each semester.

Equipment Fee
Account # 24xx-08-02

Equipment Fees are collected to cover the costs associated with the maintenance and purchasing of equipment.

The equipment purchased must service a majority of the students.

These fees are “charged” to ALL majors, within the department, once a year in the fall. For example, an Engineering student taking a physics lab would not be charged the equipment fee associated with that lab, only Physics majors would be charged.