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Updated: October 6, 2014

The University of Central Florida complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and applicable state laws in designating the status of employees who are eligible for overtime payments and in making overtime payments as specified in federal and state laws and related regulations.

Employees who are classified as nonexempt must either be paid overtime or accrue compensatory time (generally at the rate of 1.5 times their hourly wage or hours beyond 40) for all hours actually worked beyond 40 in the employer’s designated work week (Friday through Thursday). There are limited exceptions to this rule as authorized by FLSA, including an exception relating to law enforcement personnel. When leave is used or paid holidays occur, those hours do not count toward the calculation of hours worked unless required by university procedure or collective bargaining agreement.

Employees who are classified as exempt from the overtime provisions of the FLSA are paid on a salary basis at a rate intended to compensate the employee for all hours worked during the pay period. Employees classified as exempt also do not accrue compensatory time.

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1.  After filling out the form, submit it to COS Administrative Services (COS Admin) for approval
2.  The College will then forward the request to HR Payroll for processing

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