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Updated: May 5, 2014

A perquisite is a good or service provided to employees because of a job requirement. Perquisites are provided to employees at no cost or at a reduced cost paid by the employee.

For OSHA safety compliance reasons, some goods and services are automatically provided to employees to protect them from injury, ensure their well-being, and to prevent any potential liabilities to the university. These goods include safety items (back support belts, safety shoes and boots, goggles, rubber gloves, protective headgear, and bulletproof vests) and equipment and protective outer garments. Other goods and services such as other uniforms, certifications and exam fees and transportation (only for the transfer from one work location to another work location) are considered perquisites because job requirements make it necessary for employees to possess or use them. For example, uniforms identifying employees for security reasons or because it is necessary for them to be immediately, visually identified are permissible perquisites as they serve as information services resources at University functions.

Note: Shirts simply identifying employees’ affiliation with a social club or activity are not permissible perquisites.

Permissible Perquisites Include
1)    Job required non-professional certification/examination fees (excluding license fees for professions): Class D Commercial Driver’s Licenses, Refrigerant and Transition Recovery Certification, Waste/Wastewater/Plant Operator Certification, State Fire Safety Inspector’s Certification, etc.
2)   Uniforms: for medical, law enforcement, food service, custodial, maintenance and grounds keeping personnel.
3)   Coveralls
4)   Shirts: to provide visual identification of UCF employees, student workers, and volunteers

Approval Process
The requesting department submits a Perquisite Form to COS Admin.

1)   COS Admin will obtain the Dean’s or designee’s signature and will submit to HR
2)   HR approves the Perquisite Form based on the above criteria
3)   HR completes the “To Be Completed by Human Resources” section on the form
4)   HR submits the form to the appropriate Vice President or designee for final approval
5)   HR emails a copy of the approved form to the requesting department, Finance & Accounting, and Purchasing
6)   The requesting department purchases the good or service by following the appropriate Finance & Accounting and Purchasing procedures for procurement