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Updated: October 6, 2014

A separate form must be completed for each USPS or A & P employee receiving a special and infrequent payment not considered regular wages for labor or services. That is when the Salary Supplement Request Form is used. Found on HR’s website under their A-Z Index named “Salary Supplement Request Form” (

NOTE: This form must be completed correctly and received in Human Resources by the posted deadline of the Payroll Calendar to allow Payroll Services sufficient time for processing (assuming that the employee record is active).

Departments may request a One Time Performance Payment (OTPP) for an employee separate from any university announced salary increases via the Salary Supplement form. An OTPP would be appropriate when the department wants to reward an employee for the successful completion of a special project or assignment, which is in addition to the employee’s regular assigned duties, or a documented significant increase in productivity or productivity goal achievement, including a group incentive program. On the other hand, an increase to the employee’s base salary would be appropriate when there is evidence of sustained exemplary performance in their current position and duties.

NOTE: To recognize the completion of a special project or a specific achievement, the employee must have a “satisfactory” rating (for A&P) or an “effective” rating (for USPS) on the prior year’s performance appraisal on file with UCF Human Resources. The college or department must fund the OTPP from their budget, following the approval process in accordance with their respective division and college procedures.

1) Submit the Salary Supplement Form to COS Administrative Services (COS Admin) for processing
2) COS will then submit it for additional signatures (if needed) and on to HR Payroll.

NOTE: The HR Liaison will be copied on the submission to HR.

NOTE: If C&G funding is used, ORC needs to see the form. If Foundation funds are used, the section for UCF Foundation funds needs to be filled out. UCF Foundation A/P will be required to see the form. They will then forward it to UCF Human Resources for processing the payment to the employee.

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