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Updated: October 21, 2019

This web page contains a description of the different research systems/reports used by College of Sciences faculty and staff to support research and grant management.

These systems are created and maintained by RIS (Research Information Systems IT Group), a division of UCF’s Office of Research and Commercialization. Read below for more information on how to access each of these systems. If you encounter any difficulty with obtaining access, e-mail cospostward@ucf.edu.

For technical assistance with any of these systems/reports please contact the RIS help desk at risservicedesk@ucf.edu or (407) 823-5500.

ARGIS (phasing out Fall, 2019)
HURON (Including Grants, Agreements, IRB, IACUC, COI coming soon) 
Limited Submission Opportunities




ARGIS is a web-based enterprise-level system which provides users direct access to the information needed for managing funded research. Items tracked by the system include proposals, funding, licenses, and other agreements. The system also allows users to report and document hazards and conflicts of interest that impact the compliance requirements of their respective research. It integrates with PeopleSoft.


Reports | UCF Office of Research and Commercialization

AURORA is an enterprise web system which provides on-demand or subscription-based reports on funded research activity at UCF. Users can view reports on expenditures, new funding, and current burn rates among other reports, many of which are available at      both aggregate and detailed levels. It integrates with ARGIS and F&A’s DataMart.


ECRT is a web-based technology that intuitively guides administrators through the various facets of the effort reporting and certification process on a periodic basis. The ECRT system uses a guided process to walk you through the steps that you will need to complete effort certification for your department.
Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) is a web-based system used by UCF to allow faculty to certify their working time for the semester. Effort certification is required by UCF policy as well as federal law, and is often required by grant agencies for both sponsored and non-sponsored awards. By certifying your time, you are confirming that you have worked the amount of time that you reported during the semester.
The ECRT system is designed to help you comply with the provisions of UCF’s effort reporting policies, federal policy OMB Circular A-21 section J.10., NIH Salary Limitation on Grants, and other relevant agency policies that govern the need to provide certification of an individual’s effort pursuant to his/her sponsored and non-sponsored programs.

ACCESS to ECRT: Faculty who are required to certify time spent on a particular grant will receive an e-mail with a link to the ECRT system. They do not need to request access. However, department administrators designated as the ECRT contact must first attend ECRT training before receiving access to certify effort. For more information on effort reporting and compliance, contact Daniel Sierra, ECRT/Compliance Manager, at daniel.sierra@ucf.edu or (407) 882-2015.

The new comprehensive web-based system which provides users direct access to the information needed for managing funded research from proposal to closeout. The Huron system has several specific applications including Grants, Agreements, IRB, IACUC, COI, and Ecrt. This system is replacing several older systems including ARGIS and IRIS.
For more information, see https://wahoo.research.ucf.edu/ and https://rising.it.ucf.edu/


https://paris.research.ucf.edu/images/ldg_lsfo.pngThe Internal Opportunities site includes information about 1) Limited Submission (LS) Opportunities from federal, state, and private programs, and 2) UCF Internal Programs facilitated through the UCF Office of Research & Commercialization (ORC). This site serves as a clearinghouse for internal competitions, programs that provide seed funds, and programs that secure matching funds. Please visit each program announcement to review the specific eligibility, guidelines, requirements, and deadlines.

ACCESS to Limited Submission Opportunities: Contact the Research Information Systems (RIS) help desk at risservicedesk@ucf.edu.


PARIS is an enterprise web system that provides a window to researchers, chairs, deans and administrators to monitor proposals, awards, financials and assets for funded research projects at UCF. The awards section allows users to view contract details and financial information for awarded contracts and grants from the Office of Research & Commercialization. The research financials section allows users to access an account’s Budget & Expenditures, Payroll information, Revenue, and Budget Details. The Research Asset Database provides location, description and principal investigator details for research equipment valued $10,000 and above. It integrates with ARGIS, DataPro, Payroll (HR), and F&A’s DataMart.

ACCESS to PARIS: Access to the ARGIS database will also give you access to view contracts and financial information in PARIS.