April 19, 2022

Services for Students

For quick contact information and additional student resources, see references attached at the end of these notes

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Free, confidential services for students that provide an opportunity to talk freely about things that concern them or things that they are not comfortable sharing with family, friends, or professor/advisor. Psychiatric assistance is also available through the Health Center.

Immediate Concern:

  • Call the CAPS at 407-823-2811. They can provide you with the advice and are immediately available to talk with the student
  • If possible, walk with the student to the Counseling Center, located between the Health Center and the Physical Sciences building.
  • If after hours, call 407-823-2811 to speak with someone via the after-hours crisis hotline

Student Care Services/Student of Concern
Student Care Services 407-823-5607 caremanager@ucf.edu
Faculty/Staff Resource: https://cares.sdes.ucf.edu/employee/
ANYONE who has concerns about a student’s well-being can contact Student Care Services. In particular, students who are engaging in behavior that poses risk to themselves or others should contact this office. A Student Care Services “Care Manager” will follow-up with the student and connect them with a network of services to intervene and act to assist the student.

Risky behaviors include, but are not limited to, suicidal behavior, self-injury, threats to harm others, disruptive behavior, disordered eating, and endangerment to the community. Additional information about handling multiple classroom situations is found in the FCTL Teaching Guide.
http://www.fctl.ucf.edu > Faculty Success > Teaching at UCF

Immediate Crisis: Distressed, Disturbing or Disruptive Behavior

  • Call a Care Manager, 407-823-5607, who will want details and will follow-up with the student with services and outreach.
  • If possible, walk with the student to the Counseling Center, located between the Health Center and the Physical Sciences building.
  • If the student is unwilling (and needs assistance) or shows signs of danger to self or others, call the UCF police (407-823-5555) and request the assistance of a Crisis Trained Officer.
  • After the situation is no longer immediate, file the Student Care Services’ Student of Concern Report https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?UnivofCentralFlorida&layout_id=10.

Non-Immediate (or after immediate issue has been dealt with):

Student Care Services provides a number of services and oversees several committees to address critical student issues including: Class Absence Notifications, Student Death Response Team, Homeless Student Committee, Student of Concern Committee, and University Crisis Committee. For more information about any of these committees, see their website: http://scs.sdes.ucf.edu/services

Violations of Student Conduct (Individual or Group)
Office of Student Conduct 407-823-4638 http://osc.sdes.ucf.edu/incidentreport
An Incident Report is filed when a student or student organization has possibly violated of one or more of the Rules of Conduct or Conduct Regulations of Student Organizations (found in the Golden Rule Student Handbook). Anyone within the university community (students, faculty, GTAs, staff, etc.) can file an incident report: https://publicdocs.maxient.com/incidentreport.php?UnivofCentralFlorida

In the report, one will indicate within the description whether the report is “for information purposes only” or to “initiate the student conduct review process.” Reports filed may be acted upon by the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR).

Hazing is prohibited and carries criminal charges if committed.

  • If you suspect a student is a victim of hazing or if you suspect others of hazing, report it: https://antihazing.sdes.ucf.edu/report/
  • Hazing includes any action or situation that
    • intentionally causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule;
    • risks emotional and/or physical harm;
    • is intended for an individual, team, members, groups, etc;
    • is enacted regardless of person’s willingness to participate.

Bias or Hate Related Incident: Just Knights Response Team (JKRT)
Students who have experienced or witnessed a hate or bias related incident can report it to the Just Knights Response Team to intervene and respond.
Bias-Related Incident Report: https://jkrt.sdes.ucf.edu/report/
Bias-related incidents are those which involve any offensive behaviors or actions toward an individual that are based on actual or perceived identity characteristics or background. This may include, hostile environment, negative emotional or physical impact based on color, status, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.

Reports filed may be acted upon by the Office of Student Conduct (OSC), Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR), UCF Police Department, or the Provost Office

Student Accessibility Services
Adam Meyer Adam.Meyer@ucf.edu (407) 823-2371

  • Students must register with SAS to be provided accommodations.
  • Specific services for students depending on their documented disability. Services can range from assisting those who have had major surgery, to mental health issues, to physical disabilities.
  • Services are provided to “level the playing field,” not to make course requirements easier.