Policies and Procedures

Independent Contractor

Contact: Ashley Hilyer
Email: Ashley.Hilyner@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-4578

Updated: April 10, 2014

To “hire” them as an independent contractor, a requisition & purchase order are necessary. The employer and independent contractor may develop an agreement and there are several templates available online. The agreement should be reviewed by general council. Once the work is completed and/or a partial payment is needed, the independent contractor needs to submit an invoice to the Department/School/Institute/Center/Office. The invoice is submitted to F&A (similar to all other invoice payments associated with purchase orders). F&A will issue a check.

Note: You can request F&A not to mail the check and an individual listed on the department/project number’s DAL as CSA could pick-up the check. A memo requesting this process should be submitted to F&A.

To hire them as an employee, you need to determine if the arrangement is based on an hourly rate or fixed amount. This will determine which employee group you pursue. More information regarding employee classifications is found on the COS Hiring Guides webpage.