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Tracking Operations

Contact: Ashley Hilyer
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Updated: September 22, 2015

College Tracking Templates
Office Model
Key Concepts
Research Foundation Accounts

College Tracking Template
Download: Operations Tracking workbook
Download: Carry Forward_Tracking

Office Model
It is important to determine a processing/tracking model to ensure that the individual that is going to track the operations receives ALL of the necessary documents. We have developed an office model template but it should be customized to fit your needs.

Office Model Template

The office model must include a separation of duties. It should also include a list of specific individuals that are “authorized” to complete the transaction (especially budget approvals).

Once a model is in place it will be much easier for the individual that is going to track and reconcile!!


Key Concepts

“Charge” Process

Vendor Type




Outside Vendor or Employee

+ requisition – purchase order

+ purchase order – voucher

+ voucher

–Exception– P-Card (not travel related)



+ voucher

On-campus Vendor



+ journal

–Exception– Computer Store


+ journal – journal

+ journal


Available Resources (download section):
Operations Excel Tracking Guide – written in conjunction with the Operations Tracking template to assist you with entering transactions.
Journal Lookup– if the description on the report does not ‘explain’ the journal transaction enough you can view more details by utilizing the journal lookup.
Budget Cheat Sheet – includes a list of common account codes, information about PeopleSoft reports and common requisition categories.
provides additional information individual purchase orders (i.e. balances, posted vouchers, and current status)
Budget Overview Screen

Budget Transaction Detail Report

Related Responsibilities
Review all transactions to ensure that they are legitimate charges on a regular basis. College suggests that this process be completed at least every two weeks.

  • Maintain backup for each expenditure (i.e. receipt)
    • Monthly Telephone Charges:
      • Print reports from Telecommunication’s online system (Pinnacle)
      • See the section below (Need Access to Pinnacle?) for information on how to gain access to this system.
    • Large postage expenditures should be monitored but individual receipts are not possible.
  • Ensure that inappropriate charges are moved to or reimbursed from an appropriate fund. Refer to the Fund Use Guideline published by F&A for special items.
  • Expenditures that are related to asset management should be communicated/reported to property custodians.

Need Access to Pinnacle?
Have an employee on the DAL send an email to Martha Hamann (Martha.Hamann@ucf.edu) with the following information:

First/Last Name
Department/Project Number(s) – requesting access to

Once Martha has added you to the Pinnacle system you will be able to gain access to the reports through the department portal at  using your NID & password for MyUCF. https://pinnacle.telecom.ucf.edu/pinnacle/app/f?p=1003:1:3628669455025869

Please contact Telecommunication for the latest manual.

Research Foundation Accounts

• RFD01 Business Unit The Research Foundation has its own business unit in PeopleSoft Financials. Our business unit is RFD01. When conducting business using a Research Foundation project, querying, budget position reports, DAL’s, etc., please pay careful attention to change the business unit from UCF01 to RFD01 accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: when doing transfers between UCF01 and RFD01 projects, the journal needs to be initiated under the UCF01 business unit.

If you have any questions about navigating in the RFD01 business unit or preparing journals, please contact Mieraf Tadesse (Mieraf.tadesse@ucf.edu).

• Crosswalk A link to the full crosswalk is available on our website: http://www.research.ucf.edu/foundation.html (bottom left hand side) and on UCF F&A’s website http://www.fa.ucf.edu (under the ChartField Lists).

• Budget Position Reports See attached for the updated version of Addy notes for slight changes in running a budget position report in PeopleSoft for RF projects under RFD01 business unit.  Link to Addy Notes: Budget Position Report – July’15.  Please direct questions regarding budget positions to Amanda Coveney (Amanda.coveney@ucf.edu).

• PCards The Research Foundation has not launched ePro. All project related expenses, including travel and equipment, should be acquired using your PCard. For those PCard approvers working within the RFD01 business unit (i.e. RF projects), their DAL’s should be updated to add the PCA role in order for the SpeedChart functionality to be accessed. Should you run into limitations with your PCard, please contact us for assistance.

o NOTE: All C&G projects managed by the Research Foundation will follow and enforce the ORC pre-expenditure review requirements for travel and equipment. Please obtain prior written approval from your C&G team and attach the email approval to the appropriate PCard transaction.

If you have any questions regarding the use of and/or approval process for your Pcards on Research Foundation projects, please contact Mieraf Tadesse (Mieraf.tadesse@ucf.edu).

• Subcontracts, Consulting, and Vendor Service Agreements As the Research Foundation has not launched ePro, we will be encumbering these activities directly in PeopleSoft financials via the encumbrance journal process to help manage budgets and avoid cost overruns.

Financial Reports You may now access your financial reports at all times through the budget position reports in PeopleSoft. Please refer to the Budget Positions notes above for guidance on running the reports.

PARIS Integration The RF and ORC IT team are continuing to work on the 2nd phase of our integration efforts. In October we will launch integration between ARGIS, PARIS and PeopleSoft. Between now and October, please run all budget positions reports in PeopleSoft. For existing accounts in PARIS and new accounts, information may not be available. If you have any questions/issues with PARIS, please contact the RIS service desk at risservicedesk@ucf.edu