Policies and Procedures

Vendor Guidelines

Contact: Ashley Hilyer
Email: Ashley.Hilyer@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-4578 

Updated: January 28, 2015

Effective January, 2014: Only the new W-9 form will be accepted

  • Can be found on Purchasing or Finance & Accounting (currently not updated) website.
  • Below is a link for the updated W-9

W-9 Substitute – Vendors

The following is required for creating a vendor profile:

  • A completed W-9 form
    • Manually signed and dated
    • W-9 must be dated within the calendar year
    • A social security number OR an employer identification number must be filled on the W-9 form – not both)
    • There must be 9 digits for the social security number or employer identification number
    • W-9 must be legible
    • W-9 form must be dated 10/07. We can no longer accept W-9s on older forms. However, effective March 1, 2011 we will only accept the most current W-9 which is from January 2011
  • Telephone #
  • Fax # (Not required for individuals setup w/SSN)
  • Email address
  • Vendor contact
  • Additional forms:
  • Vendor Application form (Recommended but not required)


International Vendors:

  • Submit both forms to International Service Center (ISC)
  • Request for International Business and Vendor form



Jenna Capp ( jenna.capp@ucf.edu ) – All vendors with an EIN (Purchasing) 407 823-2661
Laura Crouch (laura.crouch@ucf.edu) – All others (Finance &Accounting) 407 882-1082