Policies and Procedures

Regional Campus

Contact: Dr. Arlen Chase
Email: Arlen.Chase@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-2316

Contact: Ashley Hilyer
Email: ashley.hilyer@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-4578

Updated: January 29, 2015


Funding from Regional Campuses
There are basically four ways each department may earn money from Regional Campus: Regional MOU-Commitments, Web MOU, Web Support & Travel.

Regional MOU – Commitments
Each Regional faculty line has a commitment obligation to teach six three-credit class equivalents (Live &/or Web) per fiscal year. Once the commitment obligation has been met, additional 3-credit hours Undergraduate courses earn the department $3,000 per course and Graduate courses taught above the commitment earn the department $3,500 per course. This applies to all “Live” classes taught above the commitment, and to Live or Web classes above the commitment taught by RCA faculty. 4-credit hours Undergraduate courses taught above the commitment earn the department $4,000 and 5-credit hours taught above the commitment earn the department $5,000.

After determining that all of the department’s commitments have been met, any remaining web-courses taught by Faculty-RCA fall under the RCA MOU (this adds to the commitments), any web-courses taught by Faculty-Main &/or Adjunct should fall under the Web MOU category. The amount earned from Regional Campus depends upon who taught the course. Faculty-Main and Adjunct instructors of record will earn the department an additional $6,818 per section. GTA-Masters will earn the department an additional $4,000 and GTA PH D will earn the department an additional $5,000 per section.

Web Support Every web course with an enrollment cap of at least 75 will receive web support dollars. Web support begins at the 75 enrollment cap which earns $2,000. For each additional 25 enrollment cap, the department will receive $500 additional.

RCA provides travel funds to faculty under the following three conditions:

1. RCA Faculty Professional Development Travel-

$800 per faculty member which is budget transferred to the COS RCA Operations department numbers for the department/school(s) to spend (directly).

2. Faculty Professional Local Travel-

RCA funds (and handles TAR) up to 1 trip from the regional campus to Orlando campus per week to participate in department duties (dept. or committee meetings, research etc.). This policy does not apply during the summer and does not apply for regional faculty who may come to the Orlando campus to teach.

3. Travel Associated with Teaching Assignments-

If Regional Campus is the one that directly benefits from the travel, it is then the responsibility of Regional Campus to process the TAR and pay for the travel. No approval or signature is necessary from COS to complete the TAR.

However, if COS and/or the department therein is receiving the benefit from the travel, then it would be the responsibility of COS and/or the department to complete the TAR and get the necessary approval as defined by COS policy.

Contact list and regional responsibility:

Central Region – Lisa Cruz, 407-856-6585, lacruz@ucf.edu

  • West Orlando @VCC
  • Osceola @VCC
  • South Orlando Center

Western Region – Barbara Antonisen, 352-506-4074, Barbara.Antonisen@ucf.edu

  • Leesburg
  • Ocala
  • South Lake (Clermont)

Eastern Region – Rosalyn Santana, 386-506-4074, Rosalyn.Santana@ucf.edu

  • Daytona
  • Sanford/Lake Mary @SSC
  • Heathrow

Southern Region – Elaine Cruz, 321-433-7960, Elaine.Cruz@ucf.edu

  • Cocoa
  • Palm Bay

Tuition Support
Each department should work out the details for tuition support with Regional Campus with the following stipulations. The initial MOU assumes that: 1) Departments have offered the same number of Web sections as in the previous fiscal year and that they have utilized a similar number of graduate college tuition waivers to support these sections; 2) That new growth in web sections require GTA web support and for which the department has no additional graduate college tuition waiver equivalent support by RCA. Further details will be published in the future.

The Dean’s Office meets with Regional Campus (RCA) each semester “no later than the end of the 8th week of classes each term,” as stated in the MOU, to reconcile all the regional funding departments. Once RCA is in agreement with COS, the earnings will be budget transferred by RCA into our prospective regional funding departments. Notification will be sent out via email to all the departments. Within the notification email, if applicable, will state where your department will need to prepare an offline journal entry to move charges against.

Keep in mind….Regional Campus funding departments do run in the negative. During the reconciliation process, which is done on a semester basis, RCA determines how much funds are necessary to be replenished in each of the RCA funding departments.