Policies and Procedures

Adjunct (Instructor) Hire Guide

Contact: Hollesha Foster
Email: Hollesha.Foster@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-0815

Updated: June 19, 2015

Employing adjuncts to teach is the responsibility of the Hiring Unit. Therefore, each entity should develop hiring procedures that best fit their organizational structure. The intent of this guide is to cite and summarize campus policies and resources as a convenient reference tool when developing procedures.

Note: Graduate students who are enrolled in any course cannot be employed as an adjunct.

New Hire

Posting/Selecting Candidate

Advertisement Requirements
The University of Central Florida hires U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers who can prove employment eligibility within three days after hire. As an agency of the State of Florida, UCF makes all search records, including transcripts, available for public review. The University is an Equal Opportunity/ Equal Access/Affirmative Action Employer.

Posting Position Online  

  • Department Website
  • HR’s Website (http://www.jobswithucf.com)
    • Submit a Position Number Request Form (found in the COSHR Resource Workbook) via email to Madeline Verba (madeline.verba@ucf.edu)
    • Once approved and a temporary position number is assigned, a posting can be created
      • Create a posting from the faculty template options
      • Be sure to add adjunct in front of the “Class Title” (ex/ from Instructor to Adjunct Instructor) and change “Type of Appointment” to Adjunct Faculty

Send a letter to each candidate acknowledging receipt of their application and current hiring status

Interview/Reference Check
Documented telephone reference checks or letters of recommendation. Current letters of recommendation (meaning no more than one year old) may also be used, but can only substitute for one of the required telephone reference checks. In other words, at least two of the references must be made via telephone. Also note that it is recommended that at least one of the references be solicited from someone other than those indicated on the candidate’s list of references.


  • College Policy:
    • Beginning Fall Term 2006: Chairs/Directors of each unit are free to set Adjunct pay rates according to a written policy established by the unit and approved by the Dean. However, the rate policy structure determined within each unit must fit with current non-salary budget allocations to the unit. That is, each unit must be able to afford the rate that they set and stay within their overall budget allocation for the given fiscal year.


Note: The supporting hire documents should be submitted via intercampus mail to COSHR with the Adjunct/Postdoctoral Supporting Hire Documents Checklist (found in the COSHR Resource Workbook). The College of Sciences will place the ePAF on hold until the supporting hire documents are received.

Background Check

  • UCF Notice of SSN Usage
  • Faculty Applicant Affirmation
    • Fill out the upper right hand corner
    • Send applicant affirmation (via fax or email) to HR Recruitment to initiate background check procedure
      • HR Recruitment will email employee to log in to True Screen
    • The original Faculty Applicant Affirmation and a printed copy of the results from HR Recruitment should be forwarded to COSHR with the Adjunct Faculty Agreement Form (contract) and other supporting hire documents.

Faculty Teaching Credentials

  • Faculty Employment Certification AA-20
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • The following information is submitted using the online system (PeopleSoft SA/HR) Note: Faculty Affairs refers to this system as the “FQMS System.”
    • Certification of Faculty Teaching Qualifications
    • Official Transcripts
    • WES Evaluation (if appropriate)
    • Statement of Other Teaching Qualifications (if appropriate)
      • CV must be attached to the FQMS

Adjunct Faculty Agreement

  • Adjunct Faculty Agreement
  • Used standard semester dates determined by Provost (current schedule)
  • Use the FTE calculator (created by HR) to determine appropriate FTE based on course credit hours
    • One credit hour is equivalent to 3 standard hours (0.075 FTE)
    • If office hours are included on the agreement, please add the total amount of office to the total standard hours that are determined by the credit hours
    • Example to determine total overall standard hours
      • Course: PUR2001 = 3 credit hours
      • 3 credit hours = 9.20 standard hours (0.23 FTE)
      • 5 office hours/week + 9.20 standard hours = total standard hours: 14.20 hours (0.36 FTE)*
      *Technically the FTE is 0.355. However, the system only allows for 2-digit FTEs. That is why it was rounded up to 0.36 FTE.
  • At a minimum, the special conditions should include course or research assignment (with course assignment it should also include course credit hour amount), clause regarding minimum enrollment and the HR pay schedule information [published by HR]
    • Example Special Condition: You have been assigned to teach PREFIX .## (credit hours) and PREFIX .## (credit hours). This agreement is contingent upon these courses meeting minimum enrollment, determined by Chair/Director.
    • You will also be required to hold a total of ## office hours over ## days a week
    • Faculty will receive 9 paychecks. The first check of the semester will be on Friday, September XX, 20XX, assuming all paperwork has been accurately completed and submitted to Human resources by the required deadline

NOTE: NO SIGNATURE STAMPS. Any documents which have been “signed” with a stamp will be returned to the department/school/center/institute if the appropriate supporting document is not attached. NOTE: email confirmation from the Chair/Director or Associate/Associate Chair/Director outlining the details of the form will suffice.

Payroll Sign-in

  • Payroll sign-in can be completed prior to employment but no later than three business days after the first day of employment. Payroll sign-in link is included in the college’s checklist published in the downloads section.
  • NOTE: International employees need to schedule an appointment with International Service Center (ISC) to complete payroll sign-in.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF)
Created through PeopleSoft by an ePAF originator
“Hire an Employee” eForm
See the Human Resources section on ePAF for more details

Email Account
Within the ePAF section, you will find information about requesting Microsoft Exchange accounts using the ePAF system. NOTE: Computer Services no longer accepts requests via form (fax or email).

Employee ID, PID, NID
New employees may obtain an employee identification number (EmplID) before completing the hiring process. The EmplID assignments will enable the employee to begin the process of securing a parking decal from the University Parking and Transportation Services office, access to University Library services, as well as ability to order course books and other information to support their transition to the university.

The EmplID number can be obtained by the college/area by partially completing the “Hire an Employee” form via the Electronic Personnel Action Form system (ePAF).

Please note that it is the department’s responsibility to ensure that EmplID’s are created only for those employees who have received a formal offer of employment.

For more information, regarding how to obtain an employee ID, please refer to Human Resources’ “How to Create an EmplID for an employee through ePAF” miniguide available at http://www.hr.ucf.edu/web/records/ePAF%20Mini-Guides.shtml.

Faculty Identification Card
Once the adjunct’s employee ID is activated by Human Resources they should be directed to the University Campus Card office. [website]

Instructor of Record
When COS HR processes the new hire paperwork for the adjunct they will notify Rita Greenwell. She will have them added to the “Instructor Table” and notify the department or school when approved by the Registrars office. At that time the department can assign them as the instructor of record for a course.

Parking Services
Request Parking Pass

University Policies

Faculty Teaching and Learning Center

  • Adjunct Retreat
  • Mailing List
  • Training/Consultation

Performance Evaluations


Exit Checklist
Complete Exit Checklist
If terminating before the contract ends submit appropriate ePAF (see instructions within the HR ePAF section for details)