Policies and Procedures

Showing/Hiding Instructor Names

When finalizing the schedule of classes, you may know who will teach a course, but you may not be ready to make that instructor’s name available to the public. It is important, however, to let the faculty know what courses they are scheduled to teach.

To let a faculty member have access to the courses they’re scheduled to instruct, but to prevent those names from listing in the schedule of classes that is available to students, do the following:

When a faculty name is added to a class, the “print” field is checked by default; however, if this is unchecked, then students will see the instructor as Staff, while departments who use the Pegasus Mine Portal to access the Registration Search Utility can display those names.


View that schedulers and faculty have within the Pegasus Mine Portal > Registration Search Utility


View that students have within the public Schedule of Classes