Policies and Procedures

Training List and Description

These trainings will be available from the College of Sciences in supplement to required security access trainings. These trainings are very highly recommended and are intended to provide more practical knowledge, as well as to fill gaps in the required security access trainings.   

List of Trainings Description
COS Budget Documents and Procedures (REQUIRED FOR BUDGET LIASONS) Review college documents, procedures, terminology and related procedures including salary savings.
Regional Campus Funds Regional Campus MOU which includes funding for ALL WEB COURSES and associated college template.
Tracking Operations Assist departments with implementing procedures to monitor operations utilizing PeopleSoft reports, college templates, or assisting with individual reports for chair/director.  This training will also include the DataMart system.
Tracking Payrolls Assist departments with implementing procedures to monitor OPS utilizing PeopleSoft financial reports, cost center reports and college template.  Also includes guidelines for reporting payroll issues including over and underpayments.
Journal Creation Review college procedures, limitations, and required supporting documents associated with budget transfers and offline journal entries.
Auxiliary Funds Assist departments with implementing procedures to ensure university audit compliance which includes; infrastructure analysis, i.e. separation of duties and developing cash handling guidelines.
Equipment and Supply, Material & Lab Fees Review university policies, required accounting tasks, and PeopleSoft reports.
Basic Accounting Review fund use guidelines, basic accounting terminology, and related policies.
How to Avoid Audit Problems Review developed procedures in accordance with university and college policies.
Showcase of Excellence in Excel We’ll be showcasing different topics to show how staff have incorporated Microsoft Excel in daily operations.
Travel University Policies and Procedures Related to Travel. (administered by UCF Travel Department)