The Department of Anthropology in conjunction with Study Abroad at UCF designed a program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in bioarchaeology. This course will use the tools of bioarchaeology to teach students about how to investigate demography, health, and disease through the ethical analysis of human remains in the Croatia past and present, including the broad historical transitions that impacted human lives across the region.

Participants will travel to Croatia for 3 weeks of bioarchaeological study and travel. The study abroad provides a high impact international experience for UCF students by introducing them to unique museums, archaeological and historical sites in Croatia and help them learn how skeletal remains hold clues to human health and evolution in the past. There is a hands-on approach to learning about basic human skeletal osteology and the different methods used to evaluate age and sex.

The program is held during the summer semester as faculty are available.  Students will have the opportunity to earn 3 credit hours for the program.

Contact Dr. J. Marla Toyne for additional information or visit the study abroad website to apply.