I am a biological anthropologist whose research interests are in bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, and broader issues related to ethics.

My bioarchaeology research is focused on understanding the demographic and cultural changes of the Early Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially Anatolia. I primarily use dental metric and morphological data for biological distance studies to understand how socioeconomic changes and diversity of the period affected community identity production, social practices, and demography.

My forensic research is focused on developing biological profile models that are theoretically and quantitatively robust. This includes applying techniques like fuzzy logic to forensic practice and using social and evolutionary theory to inform forensic models. Much of this research also examines how teeth can be used for estimating the bioprofile of a decedent.

This research has led to additional research projects that examine how racial extremists use anthropological research to promote racist ideas and how anthropologists may better conduct and present research; engage with the public; and foster disciplinary improvement.

Working with Dr. Adams:

As my research is focused on integrating theory and quantitative methods, I aim to ensure students are well-rounded in both areas for strong anthropological questions and research projects. I also encourage students to critically examine the ethical/practical implications in all areas of their own research (e.g., language, figures, method design, statistics, etc.) and practice (e.g., public engagement, teaching, mentoring). Collaboration is important to my work and I encourage that philosophy with students by working together on projects or promoting side projects that can foster new connections.

Your success is important and it is my aim to be your advocate for your professional success. I work with you to discover and develop your learning, research, and professional styles; develop strong research and presentation skills; work on grant writing; publish research; and learn how to navigate the professional world.

I encourage you to reach out to me at Donovan.adams@ucf.edu to discuss potential opportunities.

Dr. Adams is looking for graduate students with an interest in:

  • Bioarchaeology
  • Forensic anthropology
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Race science/scientific racism – how it is produced and how to combat misuse of anthropological research
  • Ethics in research and practice
  • Dental anthropology
  • Biological distance
  • Community identity
  • Quantitative Methods
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