“I am an environmental archaeologist specializing in paleoecology, zooarchaeology, and isotope geochemistry. I am broadly interested in how past human and animal populations adapted to marginal landscapes, resource scarcity, and/or changing climate and environments. My current research focuses on the introduction and acclimatization of domesticated animals (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs) to different ecosystems in the Balkans and their enduring impact on human behavior and local landscapes. I have active field and lab projects based on my ongoing work in Croatia, and am currently developing a zooarchaeology and stable isotope prep lab here at UCF.

Working with Dr. Zavodny:

My goal as a student advisor and mentor is to encourage your growth as an independent scholar. To this end I work with students to develop original research projects that generate opportunities for first-hand data collection, analysis, and interpretation. I am also committed to preparing my students for their future careers in the archaeological sciences and related fields, whether that is in the academic, government, or private sectors. My students should expect to learn how to write grant proposals, present at professional conferences, and publish in discipline-specific journals. I will be accepting motivated students interested in applying environmental archaeology, paleoecology, osteology, and/or stable isotope analyses to research questions within European archaeology. I am also open to working with students on these subjects in other geographic regions. Interested students can contact me directly at emily.zavodny@ucf.edu. 

Dr. Zavodny is looking for graduate students with an interest in:

European prehistory; origins and spread of agriculture and animal husbandry; risk and sustainability; paleoecology; stable isotope geochemistry; zooarchaeology