Graduate Highlights

April 2015:

The 2015 Graduate Research Forum winners were announced in early April.

Zorina Manoni, Anthropology MA student in biological anthropology, won 1st place in Social Sciences.  Her poster presentation was “Osteoarthritis in the Andes: Prevalence and Patterning of Disease Among Pre-Columbian Agro Pastoralists from Kuelap” and her advisor/co-author is Dr. J. Marla Toyne, Assistant Professor, Anthropology.

Eric Patz, Anthropology MA student in archaeology, won 2nd place in Social Sciences.  His poster presentation was “Do Subfloor Caches at Altun Ha Represent Quadripartite Partitioning or a Changing Late Classic Maya Cosmology?” and his advisor is Dr. Arlen Chase, Associate Dean and Pegasus Professor, College of Sciences and Anthropology.

Congratulations to Zorina and Eric!  For a list of all winners please click here.


March 2015:

Anthropology graduate student, Armando Anzellini, was awarded the Cockburn Student Prize for Best Student Poster Presentation (1st place) at the Paleopathology Association Annual Meeting held March 24-25 in St. Louis.  Armando received a cash award in addition to several books related to the subject of paleopathology donated by authors and members of the association.  His poster presentation was “Variation in Long Bone Length Among the Ancient Chachapoya of Peru” and his advisor is Dr. J. Marla Toyne, Assistant Professor, Anthropology.  Congratulations Armando!


June 2014:

UCF’s Master’s student in cultural and medical anthropology, Adam Kersch, was featured in an Orlando Sentinel article on June 24th.  Adam has been conducting research this summer in Italy, and his observations and experiences from this work were published in an article titled “Aid falls short for refugees in Italy: New Voices.”  Adam is working with Dr. Joanna Mishtal as his thesis chair, and he will return to Sicily in 2015 to complete his research for his Master’s thesis.  The COS News story can be read in full here.


April 2014:

Graduate Research Forum
Rachael Kangas
Best in Category in Social Sciences
Unraveling Ix Tab: Revisiting the Ancient Maya “Suicide Goddess” in Archaeology
Mentor/Co-author:  Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster


April 2012:

Graduate Research Forum
Brittany Walter
Best in Category in Social Sciences
Integrating the Differential Global Positioning System and Geographic Information Systems in Mapping Human Remains
Mentor:  Dr. John Schultz


April 2011:

Graduate Research Forum Awards
Joanna Fletcher
Best in Category for a Poster Presentation in Social Sciences
Monitoring the Applicability of Ground-Penetrating Radar on Detecting Shallow Graves Using Proxy Cadavers
Co-authors:  Dr. John Schultz; William Hawkins

William Hawkins
Best in Category for a Poster Presentation in Social Sciences
Monitoring the Long-Term Applicability of Ground-Penetrating Radar Using Proxy Cadavers
Co-authors:  Dr. John Schultz; Joanna Fletcher


April 2009:

Congratulations to Ms. Amy L. Giroux for winning first place in the Anthropological Sciences Section at the Florida Academy of Sciences annual meeting for her poster “Where Floridians Bury Their Dead: An Analysis of Cemetery Placement”. She will receive $25.00 and she has been nominated for the academy-wide UCF Sigma Xi Award and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Award.

Sarah Kindschuh was selected as one of three winners for Best in Category: Social Science for her poster presentation at the 2009 Graduate Research Forum.


December 2008:

Congratulations to former Anthropology BA students, Shayna Michaels and Benjamin Marshal, who married on August 30, 2008. Both also earned master’s degrees at UCF (Shayna in Social Science Education and Ben in Business). Shayna teaches high school in Seminole County and Ben is starting a computer LAN business. Shayna also makes art and Ben is writing a novel.


October 2007:

Graduate students from Bipedal Apes (Anthropology Club) participated in the Olympics at UCF, an event to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They came in second place, but won the BIG trophy for donating the most!The team was, Charles Dionne, Sarah Kindschuh, Roberta Murphy, Mary Rezos, Andy Tetlow, Liz Wallace, and Dennis Wardlaw. Supporters included Lauren Britton, Ed Nuckols, and Jesse Sloan.They would also like to thank the Honor’s Congress for hosting the event, they had a blast! For more information please contact Mary Rezos at


October 2006:

Stevie Mathews (Anthropology MA, admitted fall 2006) was elected to serve on the Board for the Graduate Student Association