2016 Thesis

Fall 2016

Allison Matos
Title of Thesis: Teach Them to Eat: Complexities of Community Based Organization and Nutrition Education Initiatives in the Prevention of Chronic Disease
Download: Matos_A

Jacklyn Rumberger
Title of Thesis: Diet and Migration in Coastal Oaxaca: Identifying Effects of Political and Social Collapse Through the Utilization of Stable Isotope Analysis
Download: Restricted Availability

Summer 2016

Benjamin Goldblatt
Title of Thesis: An Inclusive Truth: An Evaluation of Speleothem Evidence for Climate Change as a Driver of Ancient Maya Culture Change
Download: Goldblatt_B

George Micheletti
Title of Thesis: Identifying Archetypal Attributes of Maya Ceremonial Architecture: Clues to the Late Classic Sociopolitical Status of Pacbitun, Belize
Download: Micheletti_G

Elizabeth Mills
Title of Thesis: An Investigation of the Biomechanical Implications of Lower Limb Fractures and Leg Length Disparity
Download: Mills_E

Alexander Mitchell
Title of Thesis: Vulture Scavenging of Child-Sized Pig Carcasses in Central Florida: Utilizing GIS to Analyze Site Variables Affecting Skeletal Dispersal
Download: Restricted Availability

Shane Montgomery
Title of Thesis: On the Back of the Crocodile: Extent, Energetics, and Productivity in Wetland Agricultural Systems, Northern Belize
Download: Montgomery_S

Abigail Woltering
Title of Thesis: Preliminary Investigation into Biological Sex Estimation Using Trace Element Analysis in Human Hair
Download: Restricted Availability

Spring 2016

Armando Anzellini
Title of Thesis: Developing Methods for the Estimation of Stature and Their Use as a Proxy for Health Among the Ancient Chachapoya of Peru
Download: Anzellini_A

Adam Kersch
Title of Thesis: Asylum in Crisis: Structural Violence and Refugees in Siracusa, Italy
Download: Kersch_A

Brittany Luther
Title of Thesis: The Crossed Bands Motif: What Does it Mean?
Download: Luther_B

Patrisha Meyers
Title of Thesis: Bioarchaeological Investigations of the Red House Archaeological Site, Port of Spain, Trinidad: A Pre-Columbian Mid-Late Ceramic Age Caribbean Population
Download: Meyers_P

Rachael Root
Title of Thesis: Navigating Sociotechnical Power Structures: Dynamics of Conflict in World of Warcraft’s Player Versus Player Events
Download: Root_R

Vu Tran
Title of Thesis: Patterns in Dental Health and Disease at the Archaeological Site of Kuelap in Chachapoyas, Peru
Download: Tran_V

Rebecca Young
Title of Thesis: Devising Strategies, Managing Needs: A Multi-Level Study of Homelessness in Central Florida
Download: Young_R