Anelis Diaz is a biological anthropologist who received their B.S. in Biology with a minor in Biological Anthropology from the University of Central Florida in 2021. She received her M.A in Anthropology at the University of Central Florida in 2023. She studied with Dr. Tosha L. Dupras and Dr. John J. Schultz in biological and forensic anthropology. Her thesis research utilized stable isotopes to examine the relationships between diet, juvenile development, and social identity.

Anelis now currently serves as the Graduate Admissions Specialist in the Department of Anthropology. She works closely with the Graduate Program Director in the management of the Integrative Anthropological Sciences Ph.D. and Anthropology MA programs. She supervises student registration, coordinates admissions for the Ph.D. and MA programs, and proactively works with graduate students to meet deadlines and address any concerns. Anelis serves as a liaison for the students and other university offices, serves as a student advocate, and advises on graduate policies and procedures.

Areas of Research/Interest

Bioarchaeology; Stable Isotopes; Growth and Development; Forensic Anthropology; Dental Anthropology