Dr. Schultz is a professor who specializes in biological anthropology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2003. His research interests include forensic anthropology, taphonomy, and ground-penetrating radar methods for forensic and archaeological contexts. Recent publications have focused on the application of ground-penetrating radar for detecting controlled forensic graves, taphonomy of commercial cremations, and taphonomy of skeletal remains from historic contexts. Dr. Schultz also works with local law enforcement agencies on the search, recovery and identification of human skeletal remains.He recently published a book titled Forensic Recovery of Human Remains: Archaeological Approaches (with co-authors T. Dupras, S. Wheeler and L. Williams, CRC Press, 2005). Dr. Schultz was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s series, “Mummy Autopsy.” He joined the faculty in 2003 and teaches Human Biological Diversity, Forensic Anthropology, Human Osteology, Advanced Forensic Anthropology, and Archaeological Sciences.


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March 2010:

Anthropology professor, John Schultz is featured in UCF commercial; “Opportunity #63”.


December 2009:

Teaching Incentive Program Awards 2008-2009 recipient: John Schultz

December 2009:

Research Incentive Award (RIA) 2008-2009 recipient: John Schultz

December 2009:


June 2009:

Congratulations to Dr. John Schultz for being promoted to Associate Professor effective Fall 2009.

December 2008:

Congratulations to Dr. John Schultz for being awarded $231,000 from National Institute of Justice for his project titled “Detecting Buried Remains Using Ground Penetrating Radar

December 2008:

Congratulations to Dr. John Schultz, Associate Professor (effective Fall 09), on being awarded the Teaching Incentive Program Award and the Research Incentive Award for 2008.