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Environmental Protection Agency

EPA LogoThe goal of EPA’s Office of Research and Development’s Ecological Research Program is to transform the way decision-makers understand and respond to environmental issues, making clear the ways in which their policy and management choices affect the type, quality, and magnitude of services we receive from ecosystems — such as clean air, clean water, productive soils, and generation of food and fiber.  The purpose of this MOU is to develop a research strategy and implementation plan intended to accomplish this objective for the Tampa Bay Region Ecosystem.

This MOU is intended to incorporate a diversity of scientific opinion and expertise in developing The Plan and to ensure research products meet the environmental management needs of multiple users including the public, private industry and local, state, and federal governments.  EPA aims to benefit by obtaining broad and diversified input into the Tampa Bay Ecosystem Project plan and the cooperators are expected to benefit by having access to important and useful research data and products on which to build complementary research programs and make environmental decisions that consider the importance of the ecological services provided by the Tampa Bay Ecosystem.