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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space CenterThe John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is a 220 square mile facility located on Merritt Island off the coast of central Florida . Although KSC has served as the site for numerous manned and unmanned space flights, the facility is largely undeveloped, making an important wildlife sanctuary.

The University of Central Florida and KSC have identified numerous “areas of cooperation”, where they will use Merritt Island to jointly investigate issues such as natural resources management, fire ecology, global climate change, invasive species, ecosystem restoration, estuarine studies, managed species, and atmospheric sciences as related to ecosystem processes.  By formalizing our relationship, UCF and KSC will be able to expand their research partnership and create new opportunities for promotion of these and related research areas. It provides a formalized mechanism to establish and track meaningful discussions between the KSC and UCF scientists to utilize their capabilities and expertise to build collaborative research and teaching activities which represent a unique and valuable contribution to both KSC and UCF goals and objectives.