Alessandra Pandolfi, M.S.

She received her M.S. in Experimental and Applied Biology from the University of Pavia in Italy where she studied ecological traits and dispersal vectors of non-indigenous species, and a B.S. in Natural Sciences and Technologies at the same University. After graduation, she worked as a collection assistant for two years at Kosmos – Natural History Museum (Pavia, Italy) before moving to Orlando. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, with an emphasis on studying ecological processes in human-dominated ecosystems and how insects (mainly beetles) respond to this pressure. In particular, her research will focus on the analysis of fragmented landscapes and species ecological traits to understand the mechanisms that drive responses to urbanization and fragmentation and how these factors shape the biodiversity in urban habitats. She also works for the UCFC (aka Bug Closet) as a part-time collection assistant and she is active in various side projects.

Fellowships/Scholarships: Awarded with the Doctoral Trustees Fellowship 2021-2025



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